You Want to Grow but Business is in the Way

Over the past week I have been speaking with several business owners who want to grow their businesses but they don’t know how to take that next step without working more hours or losing money.  In other words, they are facing their own glass ceiling.  This scenario will impact many business owners who want to take business to the next level but don’t want to become more of a slave to their business or just cannot see the path to reach their goals.

Years ago, I was in a similar situation.  I was working way too many hours a week and couldn’t think beyond the list of “things to do”.  I was a slave to my business.  Looking back I also realize that I wasn’t as creative as normal.

Working a lot in the business,  lacking sleep and not staying strategic can crack the resilience of the best of us.  For me, I knew what I wanted but lacked the clarity on the steps I had to take to move  my business forward   I was more of a technician than an entrepreneur.  Things have changed for me and they can for you too!

What’s the difference between a technician and an entrepreneur?

A technician is great at doing the jobs necessary to provide the business services or product production.  We often say, you are working IN your business not ON your business.  If you are spending all of your time working in your business, you are fulfilling client needs but not your own.  As professionals, we know our craft and expertise and this was the foundation of business creation.  Many professionals are content to be a technician as long as they make a good living, but this leaves them vulnerable when markets shift, clients leave and there isn’t an instant replacement or if they become ill or injured and unable to “do the work”.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur spends time creating and strategizing on where they want to go, what products/services to create or improve etc.   Entrepreneurs are creative and idea generators.  They frequently create the ideas and jump into action.  This allows them to grow, expand and recreate themselves & their business.   Scheduling time to work on the business is more important for if you want to have a successful, sustainable business.

What are you — technician or entrepreneur?

The truth for almost everyone is you are a combination of both.  When you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone, you may face those questions, hesitations, fears, and gremlins rattling around in your head.  Successful entrepreneurs push the limits of their comfort zone so they grow and develop.

No matter what, you don’t have to, nor should you, do it alone!

A business coach is a great resource that you can use when faced with overwhelm, frustration, a “stuck” feeling or you just don’t know what steps to take to take the leap to another level.  Why?  A coach offers an environment that is safe and open to ideas, thoughts and creativity.  Your coach will:

  • push you forward when your instinct is to backtrack,
  • engage you in brainstorming, role-playing, strategy or planning
  • support you through every step of the way
  • keep you focused on the big picture and
  • accountable to yourself and your goals – even when business gets in the way.

A mastermind group is another option that can keep you focused, growing and accountable.  The mastermind process ( as described by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich) allows you to gain the insights of other business owners,  leaders or professionals who share your desire to be the best they can be.  Meetings are structured in a way to share, brainstorm, support, encourage and engage each member for the success of each and every member, and the group collectively.

Neither of these two options are a “magic pill”.  You have to be willing to face your discomfort and push through it, do the work necessary to achieve the results.  If you do, you will reap the benefits too!

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to grow your business? 

Schedule your complimentary Exploration Session  to determine how coaching or a mastermind program can help you and your business grow.  There is no obligation and everyone walks away with value!



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