Year of the Horse – A Good Year for Entrepreneurs

The Chinese Astrological year changes on January 31, 2014 and we move into the year of the Horse.

Chinese astrologers indicate the Year of the Wooden Horse is a good year bringing luck and good things.  The year of the wooden horse is also thought to bring fast victories and great adventures, with high energy and good productivity.   This is not the year for procrastination – instead it is important to make quick decisions.   Do your homework in advance to prepare yourself for these quick decisions or you may end up trotting off in the wrong direction very quickly.

Year of the Horse 2014

In her article “Let the Year of the Horse inspire your Entrepreneurship“, Rhonda Abrams Gannett, of the Shreveport Times, stated “The Year of the Horse holds great promise for all entrepreneurs. It should be a very good year for you if you’re willing to move fast, work hard, stay in the saddle and not get spooked.”

So entrepreneurial minded leaders … this is your year!   Set your course and hang on as you move quickly toward great success and reaching your full potential.   To help you make those decisions fast yet wisely, I would like you to download a copy of “The Q” a strategic decision making tool.  It’s quick, easy and helps you focus on the issue at hand while also keeping the big picture in mind.  Get Your copy of “The Q” here


“A good horse never turns its head to eat the grass behind.” Chinese Proverb


But wait…

If you really want to make this your best year yet, let’s connect to determine how I can help you bring  luck and good fortune your way so you can reap the benefit of your full potential.  Book your complimentary exploration session today.

Gung Hey Fat Choy!  

“Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”

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