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happy_new_year_2013_06According to the Chinese zodiac, the “Year of the Water Snake”, offers some unique advantages to businesses as well as individuals not found in other years.   A recent article in Entrepreneur.com, entitled “What the Year of the Snake Could Mean for Your Business”, author Stephanie Vozza provides an overview.

In her article, Vozza indicates the Year of the Snake is a desirable year.  Vossa quotes author, Marina Lighthouse who states, “This isn’t the time to do anything rash,” says Lighthouse. “Move forward steadily and smoothly. Work hard and keep an even pace to succeed. It’s a year of steady progress; discipline and attention to details will help you achieve goals.”

Good Advice

Whether you believe in the Chinese astrology predictions, the advice for businesses is very good, particularly if you are starting a new business venture, company or product.  Taking advantage of opportunities can be successful when you keep your eyes wide open and create an action plan to support each goal or project.

An action plan will ensure that you stay focused on the changes you wish to achieve, or the outcomes you are striving for.  A strong and effective action plan allows you to move forward steadily and smoothly – enabling you to be more efficient, productive and to better utilize resources.

A good action plan will include the three C’s

1.    Complete   — When your action plan includes all of the steps that are required for each goal, it is easier for you to stay focused, measure your progress and celebrate key milestones.

2.  Clear — A clear action plan indicates what steps are taken, who is accountable for that action and what resources are needed.

3.  Concise —  A strong action plan will reflect the current situation as well as what you could face in the future — opportunities and obstacles.

 It’s not Static

Remember, an action plan is a living breathing document.   Don’t lock it away in a drawer or filing cabinet.  Instead, post it in a visible location so you stay connected to it every day.   Discipline is achieved by regularly reviewing and adjusting your plan and ensure you pay attention to details that are necessary for success.


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