What Steps are You Taking to be More Than Green(TM)?

October is Power Smart month.  Although this program is promoted by BC Hydro (the provincial utility company) it is a program I believe is important.  It is a reminder that each of us – as individuals, businesses and industries should be taking stock of how we use power in our everyday life.

More Than Green™

A key component of Ignite Leadership International is our More Than Green ™ approach to business.   This program is integrated into everything we do – individually, as a team, as a business and as members of our community.

Ignite Leadership International embraces a More Than Green™ approach in our business activities. 

  •  We recognize the value of people, planet & profit as equally valuable facets to business.
  •  We recognize this effort is a work in progress and will conduct semi-annual reviews and report the steps we are taking.
  • We will also communicate on our successes as well as our challenges.


In my last blog post, I reported on our Girls to School project.   Today I am writing about some of our ‘green’ initiatives — the positives and the challenges.

1.  Going Paperless

Going paperless is always a dream but I have come to realize that there are many things I am unable to do effectively on the computer.  I continue to try to use my computer and other mobile devices to limit what I print.  I have made great strides forward in this area – using shared files, scanning instead of printing, sharing files instead of printing handouts.  I even switched to an electronic daytimer and ditched the trusted paper copy.

Having made an amazing number of positive steps forward I still seem to have a lot of paper piled in my office and going through my shredder.  I will continue to lead my business toward a more paperless environment wherever I can.  It is a challenge I am willing to pursue!

2.  Unplug & Turn Off

This always seems like a no-brainer when I read it but I know it is something many of you may also struggle with.  Turning off equipment when not in use.  Too many of our electronic gadgets will switch into ‘sleep’ mode and thus we forget to turn them off.  Over the past year I have been working really hard to create a new habit… turn off powerbars when items are not used.  Unplug chargers to stop the trickle of power used when they are sitting idle, and turning off the computer at my desk at night.  I am also translating this habit into my home life too.

3.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This is probably the easiest of the three areas for me.  As mentioned in the first two points, I have been working hard to reduce power consumption and paper use.  I regularly print on both sides of the page when I do print, I use draft instead of normal to reduce the amount of ink I consume, I use the back of old pages for drafts and working copies.  I recycle almost everything I can.  As we speak I have loads of clothes going to charity, bottles and cans and old electronics going to the ‘Return-It’ depot and shredded paper, books and magazines going to the recycle yard by the dump.


As a business, we can all do our small part.  Turn off desk lights when you’re not at your desk, turn off your monitor when its not in use, change light bulbs for more efficient options like LED or CFL, eliminate waste baskets at desks and install recycle bins in a central place to improve recycle rates.  Every small step forward is a step toward a more sustainable environment for everyone.

What steps are you taking?

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