What Do You Say?

Ever wonder what to say when people ask “What do you do?” You know you’ve lost business because your answer lacks that certain “Wow” factor. I know I have. And we all can do better than that!

Imagine this scenario instead…

You’ve got 60 seconds. Everyone is expecting that same old ‘elevator pitch.’ Instead, you wow your audience with your killer 60-second introduction that’ll make jaws drop and heads snap to attention, and attract prospects & referrals. Wishful thinking? Not at all!

Why not upgrade your 60 second commercial, your elevator pitch, or whatever you prefer to call it.  Now’s the time…

My friend Sue Clement, the marketing coach and referral expert, has heard all too many 60 second duds during networking meetings – and decided to do something about it. During the last eleven years, she’s been helping thousands of business owners get more clients and referrals.

Now, she’s offering a highly effective yet affordable course to a broader audience. She wants business owners and solo professionals to score big at last when they introduce themselves while networking, so she created her new 2 session webinar series  “Audio Logos Success Secrets.” It even includes a live Q&A and spot coaching with Sue!

Check it out!

That killer networking introduction could be yours to attract prospects & referrals in 60-seconds! 

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