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As the Founder and CEO, I decided in late 2010 to re-position the business and create a membership-based business.  I also wanted to refocus and add more programs and products for our clients around the world.  Since making this decision we have been working steadily on this new goal. Now I am so excited to be able to share it with you!!

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding new features, products and programs so I hope you will take time to explore our new website as well as read our blog.

Every day it is important to push yourself in a forward momentum so that you continue to grow.  Our world changes quickly and experiencing these changes and the resulting opportunities change brings can be very exciting.  Temporary discomfort during hte change process is normal.  Believe me, I have had my fair share of challenges as I pushed myself to reinvent my business.  It was exciting, challenging, frustrating, slow, fast and eye-opening.

Launching a new venture also draws more attention to what you are doing.  This can leave you vulnerable — what if people don’t like what you have created?  What if the change is a failure?   Questions like this are normal.  On the other hand, change can be a self-confidence booster and motivator when people like what you have accomplished or feel like the changes better meet their needs.

With this change, I am feeling confident you will like the changes I have made.  I have more products and programs under construction so you wil want to keep coming back regularly.


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Sign up for our new F.R.E.E. Leadership Kit TODAY!

Don’t miss out on opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development.  Join our Ignite Leaders membership program today!  As a charter member you will get the lowest price for membership.  I will not be offering it this low again in the future.

Membership includes

  1. A Welcome Kit
  2. 10 monthly Leadership calls with business leaders
  3. 10 monthly Q&A calls with Catherine
  4. Enneagram Assessment
  5. 2011 Ignite Leadership International Resource List

I am currently finalizing the curriculum for the leadership calls and know you will enjoy the topics and speakers.

September is a great time to set new goals and make the changes

YOU WANT for yourself, your career/business, your team!!

Consider our  mastermind and webinar programs. too  You won’t regret the decision to invest in yourself1

I welcome your comments and suggestions as my team and I implement our changes.

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