Victoria Day Special

Are you the type of person who starts with tons of enthusiasm

but one to two months into the program your focus falls short?

Do you want to really ADD VALUE & LONGEVITY to your goal strategy efforts?


Goal Strategy Success

Starting to use a new system is exciting and all of your good intentions are intact at the out-set.

With time, life and business demands begin to interfere.  Sticking with the program can be challenging and sometimes downright impossible.

Don’t let your enthusiasm and dedication to leading your business / career suffer when times are tough.

Our Proven Goal Strategy Success Team is the solution for you!

On-going engagement with others who are motivated to “stick with it” increases your success rate too!  When you stick with the program, you will really catapult the success rate of setting, monitoring, and achieving your goals and dreams.

It is described as “the Best Get It Done” system!


The Goal Strategy Success Program includes:

  • Our 1 year Perpetual format Business Leadership Journal
  • Monthly teleconference calls (via phone or your computer)
  • Motivational insights, tips and discussions to keep you on track
  • An opportunity to
    • share your successes, challenges and progress
    • get the support you need to keep you on track when the going gets tough
    • learn from others using the ILI Business Leadership Journal
    • ask questions and gain feedback

This supportive and inspiring program is more than you will find with any other journal product.


Add SPARK to your goal setting so YOU

will GROW and LEAD your own SUCCESS!


Order before May 22 midnight Pacific time,…

…Get Your Goal Strategy Success Program for only  $249 for a full year! (regular $347)

(That’s only $20.75 per month )  2 pay option is available — contact us directly to arrange for the multi-pay option!


If you don’t achieve your goals what will you lose? 

I’m sure it is worth more than $21 a month!


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