UWC 2015


Hello fellow Ultimate Women (and men)!

I first want to tell you that it was such a pleasure to meet so many amazing people at the Ultimate Woman’s Conference in Denver.  It was my intention to speak to every one of you, so if we didn’t connect, I am sad we didn’t meet face-to-face.  I sincerely hope we do meet via telephone or skype in the very near future so I can learn more about you and your business.

I am especially honoured to have had the opportunity to be one of the speakers.  As mentioned during my presentation, you can download  my slide presentation and Results Oriented Action Plan handout using the links below.


Add SPARK to Grow With Vision Handout  63e2966fbed6d110e0d9914b65565f9d

Creating Results Focused Action Plans 

 UWC 2015 Special Offer 

 UWC Special Bonus —  Free ebook  “The Winning Way”


Let’s keep in touch on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  After this weekend, maybe I’ll be on Instagram too! So watch for me.


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Till we meet again!








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