How to Transfer Funds using TransferWise


Thank you for your interest in submitting your payment via TransferWise.

Before you can transfer money to us, you must have a TransferWise account set up and verified.  Once your account is set up, it is quick and easy to send money.

If you do not have a Transferwise account, click here to get started

Why use TransferWise instead of Paypal or a credit card?

TransferWise is a secure online financial exchange service.  Similar to PayPal, TransferWise allows you to send money securely to another person who also has a TransferWise account.  There is no charge to have an account.  When sending different currencies, the exchange fees are significantly lower than banks, credit cards and PayPal.

Use the following Information to set us up as a recipient in Transferwise.

Account holder:    Catherine Rocheleau & Associates Inc
Account number   8310482718
Wire transfer number   026073008
Bank code (SWIFT / BIC)    CMFGUS33
Routing number (ACH or ABA)   026073150
Address:    TransferWise,   19 W 24th Street, New York 10010 United States


Note:  Ignite Leadership International® is a "doing business as" name and a division of Catherine Rocheleau & Associates Inc.

If you require assistance in setting us up as a recipient, refer to the following help information provided by Transferwise