Take 10!

I recently had a fun opportunity working with students on a film project.  I was the actor being filmed.  My role was a news anchor announcing some breaking news to the TV audience.  Although I regularly speak in public and have been in media interviews etc.  I have not previously had to recite memorized lines.   Getting it right, with variations just in case, took 10 takes!

Are you willing to undergo 10 takes to get things right?

Setting a strategic plan and having a vision of what you want to achieve is important in business.  The more clear you are on what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to achieve it.  It’s important to communicate this vision to others so you all go in the same direction.

In the film industry, and in business, rarely do things work perfectly the first time.  The film industry have retakes built in to their system.  Each member of the team has a unique perspective and skill, and together they come together to create a uniform vision.  Many businesses are less flexible or prepared to keep tweaking their plan.  Working together as a team on a uniform vision and cohesive action plan doesn’t always happen but it can!   Diverse approaches, poor communication and failing to leverage the skills and abilities of each team member lead to failures, low productivity, and scattered priorities.

New Perspectives.

When you try new things that push you outside your comfort zone you gain new perspectives which expand beyond the activity itself.    Spending time with these students who work in the visual arts I appreciated the different skills and perspectives they have.   They worked collaboratively to help each other, bringing their own ideas, experiences and perspectives for the success of the team.  When they had different opinions, they stopped and talked — what a concept!  The result, a smooth operation and results that produced the desired outcomes.

How can you, as a business leader, recognize the skills and perspectives you your team?  

How would this recognition impact the final outcome?

I contend that business leaders need to focus on this component of business more than they do to achieve results that surpass expectations.  


Executive Coaching is one approach that enables you, as a business leader, to establish the clarity you need, improve your communication skills, change your behaviours and reactions when things don’t happen as planned.   The result… greater job satisfaction for you and team members, high performance operations, clear and effective communications and more confidence to stretch the status quo and lead.

I have a rare opening for a VIP executive coaching client.  Let’s work together to ignite solutions and enhance your effectiveness as a leader of a high performance team.


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