Oops…Be Gone!

In Vancouver, a member of the B.C. Lions Football Club has come under significant media scrutiny for racial slurs he made in his Twitter feed.  Later realizing his error, he apologized publicly but the damage had been done!  The B.C. Lions are attempting to limit the impact of one team member’s impact on their organization by commenting on the situation in the media and removing him from the up-coming game.  This is a great example of how one message sent without considering its impact on others can come back to bite you. [Read more…]

What Steps are You Taking to be More Than Green(TM)?

October is Power Smart month.  Although this program is promoted by BC Hydro (the provincial utility company) it is a program I believe is important.  It is a reminder that each of us – as individuals, businesses and industries should be taking stock of how we use power in our everyday life.

More Than Green™

A key component of Ignite Leadership International is our More Than Green ™ approach to business.   This program is integrated into everything we do – individually, as a team, as a business and as members of our community. [Read more…]

A 1 cm misstep = DQ

Today at the Olympics, the Canadian men’s 4x100m team ran an amazing race only to have the Bronze medal stripped from them 5 minutes after the end of the race.  A review revealed that one of the men stepped on the lane dividing line between the lanes which meant an automatic disqualification.  He quickly recognized his mis-step, accepted accountability and apologized to his teammates and to Canada.   What class! [Read more…]

Will Change Hurt or Help?

In my work, I am always dealing with change.  It may be helping clients to implement new systems, facing behaviours that are not working for them, creating new products/services, starting a new business or switching jobs (or careers).  No matter how we look at it, change is a constant.  There are many commonalities in how business owners, leaders, organizations and industries are dealing with this reality but there are also many differences.  Some organizations are internalizing the changes (looking inward and identifying ways to restructure, identify efficiencies, and plan for the future), while other organizations are looking outward for support and ideas in addition to looking inward.  It doesn’t matter if the organization is large or small, there are examples of both approaches in each category. [Read more…]

A Special Deal

I  introduced our new Business Leadership Journal earlier this month.  In honour of my Grandfather’s birthday (a good reason for a special price), I decided to offer a special price.  I’m excited about this new business / career tool that will keep you focused and accountable to your goals and plans and learning from your setbacks and successes. [Read more…]

Leadership – it’s challenges and opportunties

John Furlong recently spoke at the TEDx-SFU event in Vancouver.  I hope you will enjoy his talk and gain some leadership insights.

[Read more…]


As I travelled to the airport earlier this week, I realized I was experiencing several firsts.  They aren’t remarkable except for the fact that I noticed them.  I confirmed my first agreement in my newly created Ambassador program.  I then met the son of a friend for the first time.  My trip to the airport was also a fist.  It was my first time riding the skytrain (metro) from downtown to the airport (wow was that easy and cheap).  I also experienced my first problem getting my Blackberry to work — RIM was having network problems and I couldn’t receive or send anything.

I am also flying on a new airline and writing my first blog post at 35.000 feet.  My experience at the airport was the worst check in I’ve ever experienced.  The airline had only 2 of 7 kiosks working and first class passengers were forced to stand in line with economy passengers to try and check in – not that that was a smooth process either! I lined up with the economy passengers and waited for the horrible service from the kiosk check-in.  Once on the plane, I was asked not once but twice to change seats with fellow passengers.  I’ve never done this before either. It didn’t matter to me which of 16 seats I sat in, so I obliged.   I also landed in Phoenix for the first time.

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Become Inspired to Transform

Hot Off the Press!


Don’t wait.  Get your copy of our new book.  Written by over 55 brilliant and inspiring authors, this book is rich in content and will help you take that next step.

I was thrilled to contribute one chapter (in my first book)!  My chapter, “Become the Leader of Your Change” tells my story, my WHY and how to lead your own change using my SPARK process and achieve greater success.

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Eyes Wide Open

For those of you who have been following my blog for the past month, you know that I have undertaken a huge change in my business and my branding.  This change started about one year ago and required a lot of dedicated focus and decision making along the way as I visualized, clarified, implemented, tweaked things at every stage.  Most importantly the process hasn’t ended!

The past month since I launched Ignite Leadership International has been an exciting one, making the hard work worthwhile.  What I have found that forcing myself to re-position my business and stay focused on a few major goals has allowed me to also see so many new opportunities that align with my vision, mission and values.   It has also allowed me to better communicate who I am, what I do and with whom.  This has attracted the right people into my life.   I have located joint venture partners, new clients, new business tools and programs to better support my clients and I am more content. [Read more…]

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