Will Change Hurt or Help?

In my work, I am always dealing with change.  It may be helping clients to implement new systems, facing behaviours that are not working for them, creating new products/services, starting a new business or switching jobs (or careers).  No matter how we look at it, change is a constant.  There are many commonalities in how business owners, leaders, organizations and industries are dealing with this reality but there are also many differences.  Some organizations are internalizing the changes (looking inward and identifying ways to restructure, identify efficiencies, and plan for the future), while other organizations are looking outward for support and ideas in addition to looking inward.  It doesn’t matter if the organization is large or small, there are examples of both approaches in each category. [Read more…]

EWM Article — Create a Business With Heart

I encourage you to check out my latest article in the Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.   This article explores why businesses need to look at community-centered philanthropy as part of their business plan, client and employee retention programs.

     Create a Business With Heart

Book of the Month – January 2012

Are you in business?  Do you represent another company (as an employee or a sub-contractor) or are you the business owner?  No matter which position you hold, how you communicate about your product and services to clients, colleagues and prospects will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

My Book of the Month for January 2012 is “Positioning” by Al Ries and Jack Trout.  As marketing experts, Ries and Trout share the importance of communicating to create the right positioning image in the minds of others.  If you are not getting the results you want, this book offers valuable information, case studies and ideas to break through your own challenges.

Described as a must read for anyone in business today, “Positioning” is easy to read and a great addition to every business library.  As a marketing classic, “Positioning” is as relevant today as it was in 1981, when it was first written.

A more detailed summary of this book is offered by QuickMBA.com

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