Back Up and Live

The world of technology is a wonderful world, offering us so many opportunities to communicate and stay connected… that is until it fails!   Over the past 10 days, many you have sent me messages about my website being down.  Yes, it’s true.  My site was expectantly shutdown

(c) sscreations | www.freedigitalphotos. net

(c) sscreations | www.freedigitalphotos. net

when I exceeded my bandwidth.

I thought I had prepared myself for a website challenge by having back-ups and copies of content.  What I hadn’t been prepared for was corrupt backups (how would I know this until I tried to reinstall) and a web host company who wouldn’t increase my bandwidth to allow for me to obtain a new backup.   I decided it was time to move my site to a new web host.  This enabled me to create a temporary site until the beginning of the month when I could again access my site and obtain an uncorrupted backup.

As you can see, this site is back up and live!

Thanks for your patience and understanding over the past two weeks.

I hope you will visit me again soon as I have some new material, new programs and changes launching in the next month.




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