You have to work with a Coach… What Now?

Harvard Business Review posted an article called “If your Boss tells you to Get a Coach, Don’t Panic“.  Author, Ron Ashkenas shares some great points for you to consider if you ever face a similar situation.

1. Take time to process the recommendation before you start working with a Coach.

Many times I am asked by bosses to work with members of their team. Yes, in some situation, the employee’s performance is less than stellar and I am the last hope.  Having said that, more often than not I am asked to work with employees because their boss recognizes the asset they have and don’t want to lose this employee to a competitor, or they want to help prepare them for advancement or  help them improve their skills.

Before working with a Coach, its important to understand what’s expected and how you can benefit from the coaching engagement.  A Coach can be your greatest supporter and confident during change or challenging times and they can be your greatest cheerleader as you advance.

2. Recognize how Coaching can help you and your business or career.

As stated by Ashkenas, coaching is “a fantastic opportunity for growth, development, self-insight, and careerMentor Leadership Coaching, Training, Motivation, Siuccess progression – and an endorsement that the company is willing to invest in you.”   Let me use a sports analogy.  A top notch athlete consistently works with a coach – not because they aren’t great at what they do, instead they rely on their coach to provide some insight, a different perspective and help keep them focused on their goal.  The Coach helps with mindset, strategies and tactics.  Together they are stronger and more effective than separately.

The same is true in business.  One of my clients offers a contracted service to another organization.  They have had that contract for a long time and little has changed.  When I was asked to work with the principle, it was to help shift the focus of their service spectrum and integrate new strategies, not to fix a wrong.  We worked together for several months and created an amazing new approach that their client really appreciated.  They were commended for taking the initiative to make improvements that added value and offered a better fit with other services within that organization.

3. Step Up and Reap the Benefits

No matter why you are about to work with a Coach, you will definitely get the most of your coaching sessions when you set specific goals that you can measure, do the activities or “homework” and be prepared for every session.

Here’s our SPARK approach to get more out of your coaching experiences.

Set Your IntentionsWhen you set goals you gain clarity on where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and why!  You can also measure your progress along the way.
Prepare and PlanCome to each session prepared.  This way you and your coach will know what needs to be discussed or tackled during the session. A focused session is a productive session. You will want to be clear on what you want to achieve, what help or feedback you need and what is needed to take the next step.
Accountability As you implement your action plans, you will need to be accountable to yourself and the goals you set. Your Coach is there to help you stay on track and offer insights, brainstorming, support, encouragement and more. Change happens when you “step up”. Bring your questions, concerns, challenges to each session so you can achieve a breakthrough and activate the next steps.
Review & RejigAs you work with your Coach, change happens.  Our on-going sessions offer support as you make any necessary adjustments in your action plans. Our collaborative review process will offer insights and feedback, to keep you moving forward.
Keep Focused & On TrackDay to day operations can challenge the best of us and lead us astray. Most coaching sessions result in “homework”.  This is your responsibility to get completed before the next session.  We offer a framework to maintain a strategic focus on deliverables and outcomes. I recommend you participate fully in all tools and resources to really reap the value and benefit of this coaching process.

If you have an employee who could benefit from coaching, or if you yourself want to be a stronger leader, better boss or have a more successful business, an Ignite Business Assessment session is a complimentary call.  Each 30 minute call can identify your top priority and actions that are right for you. Book your’s now!

Happiness Matters

There is much written about the impact of an organization’s culture and employee contentment on productivity and quality.  Entrepreneurs are more successful when they are passionate about what they do.  The long hard hours don’t feel like work when you love what you do.

“Over 40 percent of the companies listed in the top 100 of Fortune magazine’s “America’s Best Companies to Work For” also appear on the Fortune 500.”

As many of my regular followers know, I am an avid Vancouver Canucks fan.  Last year, the team was struggling and it was clear the players were not enjoying the game they love.  The Coach also didn’t seem happy and his frustration erupted at one point in the season, and he was suspended.  Wind the clock forward to today where TV commentators are talking about the changes they are seeing in the Canucks.  They are performing, scoring, and playing more like a team.  Commentators cite the change in coach and the fact that the guys love coming to work as fundamental factors for this change.

What is the atmosphere like in your business?

Are your employees happy and engaged?

Do they like coming to work?

Executive Leadership Coaching has been identified as an effective method for organizations to enhance employee engagement and improve productivity. The rollover effect is improved customer satisfaction.  Each of these outcomes are good for your bottom line.

Coaching is utilized by organizations to enhance leadership, performance and to develop employee skill.  I have hyena reality| freedigitalphotos.networked with many business owners and managers for this exact purpose.  In each situation, the goals of the organization and those of the individual manager have been explored and directs our time together.

Coaching offers a non-judgmental supportive environment for each manager to grow and stretch.  When we confront challenges, short-comings and strengths, we are also able to focus on solutions and next steps.  This vulnerable point of coaching offers the most growth potential and is essential for shifts to occur. I am always so impressed with the shifts that occur as we work together.   Coaching really does bring out the best in you and builds on your skills and interests and self confidence grows in a positive way.

Contact me to discuss how Ignite Leadership can help you and your organization improve leadership, employee engagement and your organizational culture.

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