Eyes Wide Open

For those of you who have been following my blog for the past month, you know that I have undertaken a huge change in my business and my branding.  This change started about one year ago and required a lot of dedicated focus and decision making along the way as I visualized, clarified, implemented, tweaked things at every stage.  Most importantly the process hasn’t ended!

The past month since I launched Ignite Leadership International has been an exciting one, making the hard work worthwhile.  What I have found that forcing myself to re-position my business and stay focused on a few major goals has allowed me to also see so many new opportunities that align with my vision, mission and values.   It has also allowed me to better communicate who I am, what I do and with whom.  This has attracted the right people into my life.   I have located joint venture partners, new clients, new business tools and programs to better support my clients and I am more content. [Read more…]

Leadership from an “Average Guy”

Have you ever been inspired by an interview on T.V. or the radio?  I know I often gain great inspiration from different mediums, outside of the usual business events.  This happened in mid-September when I was listening to an interview with Daryl Fox, National Director of The Terry Fox Foundation.  Daryl is the younger brother of Terry Fox and accompanied his brother in the cross-Canada Marathon of Hope.  Terry was an amputee due to cancer in his knee.  In 1980 he decided he wanted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.  Unfortunately, Terry was forced to end his trek in Thunder Bay, Ontario – just under halfway of his intended journey.  Later that year, Terry succumbed to a second bout of cancer.

During this interview, there were several points that resonated with me.  Daryl described Terry as “an average person who had incredible vision.”  He also commented on Terry’s unshakable integrity.  Terry wanted to ensure that he ran every mile he set out to run.  When they couldn’t find the marker from the previous night, Terry would go back to a point he knew he had covered and start there, often covering 2-3 miles he had previously travelled.

Terry was also very driven – enduring on-going pain during his daily marathons.  Daryl shared that Terry always put his pain in perspective.  He was in pain for about 12 hours per day and could then find some relief.  Many cancer patients are unable to gain any relief from their battle.  His focus was unselfish and focused outward on his vision and others.  In addition to running, Terry ensured his vision was shared with others, by generously conducting interviews and doing presentations around his daily runs. [Read more…]

Champions overcome Adversity

The hockey playoffs are a great example of how teams have to play smart and overcome adversity in order to achieve the ultimate goal – the Stanley Cup. Despite their best efforts and great cohesive play, determination by the other team to capitalize on a weaknesses is steadfast and can quickly change a win to a loss.
The same perseverance and clarity of vision is necessary for business owners to remain successful and competitive when times are tough. It has been stated that companies who continue regular marketing during an economic downturn rebound more effectively and quicker than those who cut back or fail to market their business. Small businesses are the heartblood of our economy and are poised to lead the country to stronger economic times.
Businesses need to stay focused on what they do well, maintain a strong customer focus, remain visible and be ready to capitalize on weaknesses of their competitors so that they are easily differentiated. What are you doing to be a champion?

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