Don’t Plan to Fail

Do you take time to plan your projects, goals or do you just “wing it”?   

Do you write down your goals, action plans and the desired results or just keep them locked in your head?



Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

Napoleon Hill


Planning offers every business leader or professional many benefits  … yet so few actually take the time to plan appropriately.

In this post we will explore 3 common excuses used by business leaders for not planning.

1.  Planning takes time I don’t have.

 This is the most common excuse given for why people do not plan.  Planning does take time but the reason people don’t make time to plan isn’t because they don’t actually have time.  Instead, they don’t value this step in goal achievement because they have failed to make the connection between creating a strong plan and long-term success.

There are ways to minimize the workload and feel great about the process.  The great value is in the process of discovery, not the end result.  A business coach is a great resource to help you create a solid plan.  Together you can brainstorm, discuss and explore options to improve your ultimate success.  Your coach also becomes a great accountability partner during the planning process.

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2.  Things change.

Many people believe they have a clear plan in their head and therefore they do not have to write it down.  Others reject being kept accountable by someone other than themselves and therefore resist writing down their plan.  They also resist writing it down because things change and therefore the plan would be out of touch with reality.

Life and business are full of constant changes, distractions, opportunities and challenges.  In any given day you can easily become focused on what is right in front of you and lose sight of your longer term goals.

A solid implementation plan is the tool which will help ensure you keep your eye on the true goal.   It is a living, breathing document which needs to be reviewed and tweaked when and where necessary based on outcomes or new information.

Your implementation plan provides the road map that will guide you toward your long term vision.  It helps ensure your long-term success.

3.   Don’t want to Fail

One underlying factor that may or may not be recognized is the fear of failure.  Creating a written plan sets your course and the results you want to achieve.  Your plan identifies the steps you will take, who is accountable, and the timelines for completion.  Interestingly enough, a written plan increases your chances of success — completely the opposite to why many people don’t want to create the plan.

If you want to be successful, create your plan!  You’ll reap the rewards 

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