The Q Decision Making Tool Explained [video]

In this video I share a very short live presentation on a valuable business decision making tool I use and share with my clients.

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When Opportunity Knocks, Do You Answer?


1  : a favourable juncture of circumstances 

2  : a good chance for advancement or progress

How do you view today’s economy?  Do you view our economy pessimistically or do you see the glass half full – with the current economy offering you an array of opportunities to create business and grow.

There is no doubt that times have been challenging and the debt load held by countries and people alike leave many facing cut-backs, lay-offs. loss of homes and stability.   Despite recessions and challenging TimeisMoney_Phaitoon_ID-10072145economic times, there are many opportunities available.  As the economy picks up, the opportunities continue to grow and evolve.

As the definition above indicates, an opportunity may be a juncture where you connect with someone or something that opens a door to something new or different.   Ultimately, an opportunity will allow you to move forward in some way if you capitalize on it.

I strongly believe that when one door closes, another opens!  The key is whether you are open to what is presented, and if you actually see it!  Many businesses I have worked with have failed to recognize how a situation they are facing is advantageous and could help them grow and prosper.  I came in to assist with the change process as they re positioned themselves.   I have watched other businesses struggle to maintain the status quo when the environment around them was changing quickly and they weren’t keeping up.  They didn’t recognize what key decisions were needed and failed to reach out for help from others.  The result… the competition left them in their dust.

An opportunity can only move you forward when you take action.  Action begins with making a decision.  Contemplating an opportunity without making a decision will leave you stuck in the same place.  On the positive side, taking time to make a decision does allow you an opportunity to evaluate your options but you cannot reap the benefits until you make a decision to take advantage of it.

Not all opportunities are the right ones for you.  An opportunity should allow you to grow. Opportunities frequently push you into new areas and this new arena will most likely be outside your comfort zone.  Growth requires you to step up, think outside the box or accept managed risk.


What opportunities are on your horizon? 

What steps do you have to take to capitalize on these opportunities? 

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