Is It Your Time?

As I sit here today – the last day of 2012 I find myself reflecting on the opportunities, changes and successes of the past year.  This time last year, I was looking forward to a year of growth and development after undergoing a huge transformation in my business.  Well… the year didn’t disappoint!  

In 2012 we re-positioned and added to our executive and business coaching programs, established a new mastermind program, launched two new books, established a new on-line program, hosted and spoke on a variety of webinars, gave live presentations and expanded our project management and consulting services.  We also launched a new division — Ignite Leaders Organo Gold – a home-based coffee & tea business opportunity.   Growth has been steady and we are on the verge of significant growth in the coming year.  All-in-all, it has been a very exciting year! [Read more…]

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