Leadership & “Hitting the Wall”

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Entrepreneurship and leadership have two key common features – 1) forging ahead into new horizons and 2) inspiring others to follow your lead. When you take the step out of your comfort zone into the new frontier, you inevitably will face your fears (those inner gremlins), go where you have not gone before, find solutions to challenges, navigate obstacles and more. All of this plus running your business so that it delivers on your promise of a high quality product/service with a positive customer experience, and business thrives.

The roller-coaster ride can be exhilarating, common-place, mundane or frustrating. There are times when new ideas, opportunities or solutions come flooding in faster than you can deal with them. Other times, the pace of play is just right.

However… there are also times when you are taking action, working hard and bam!… you are going nowhere fast! You feel like you are on a hamster wheel. You start questioning yourself. You may look to break what used to work but isn’t right now. Or, are you ready to walk away?

If you are facing these situations, you are not alone.

There are often four key areas that my clients, leaders just like you, have found challenging when a change in course is needed. These areas need to be addressed in order to shift from “stuck” to “go”. Then once you begin to move forward, you can build the momentum you truly want in your business.

Lack of Business Clarity

First, get clear on why you are in business. Then you want to be clear on your ideal clients are. What problems do your clients have, and what results can your clients achieve when they work with or buy from you? A lack clarity is can plague your efforts to grow when you are unsure of your purpose, vision and mission… or all of the above!

Uncertainty around What to Do

Are you unsure of what next steps to take? Uncertainty can lead to overwhelm or a lack of focus. As a leader, you may not have a peer within your organization to brainstorm with, bounce ideas or receive new perspectives. This is where your network or a coach can really be a difference maker. When you are able to create focus and align that with your purpose and what your client wants and needs from you… bam! the next steps will unveil themselves.

Are You Wasting Time or Resources?

Poor time management and inefficient systems are ties that may be holding you back. If you are spending so much looking for information needed in your client’s journey, or you don’t have a good handle on how you, or your team, need to spend time you can’t move forward. Effective back-end systems, and sound time management will enable you to deliver superior customer service, a positive experience and the results your clients want. It is here where adopting new ways of doing things can feel overwhelming when you don’t look at the bigger picture and identify the step-by-step implementation approach. But…oh how good it feels when everything works as planned.

Under Funding

A fourth key “wall” experienced by leaders like yourself is not having enough money to fund the business. Are you struggling to pay yourself, your team, or your suppliers? Have you been able to create a “rainy-day fund” to weather cash flow ups and downs? When you spotlight your top revenue sources & cash leaks, and build a fund to manage your cash flow you will be able to identify what actions you need to take to lead your biz from red to black.

Are You Ready to Knock your Walls down?

Do any of these “walls” sound familiar? I think every business owner and leader I have met has hit one wall or another. Those leaders that successfully find a way to knock that wall down or go around it, reap the greatest benefits from their efforts. Most reach out to mentors, coaches, boards of advisors, their team or trusted colleagues. In fact, very few if any of the most successful business leaders, can break through the wall alone.

If you a forward-thinking, purpose-driven leader, professional or business owner who is:

  • feeling frustrated because your efforts are going no where,
  • tired of trying to find a solution on your own,
  • unsure about what next steps to take, or
  • wanting to explore new ideas, create a plan, pivot, reposition or repurpose, and
  • motivated to take action to create a sustainable, profitable future

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What is inaction costing you and your business?

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