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Recession Proof Your Business Checklist


I hope you will find these resources useful as you take steps to shift what you're doing to protect your business from the rocky road I believe lies ahead.

The worksheet is a tool I have used for years to review and manage those automatic payments that can easily get forgotten and leak profits from your business.  I saved over $1000 per month.

The Recession-Proof Your Business Checklist reflects my SPARK framework and offers suggestions on creating a strong foundation going forward.

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You don't have to implement these strategies alone!

Take advantage of this one-time offer to set yourself up to lead a business through the volatility, uncertainty, complex and ambiguous future.
Set yourself up to Grow and Thrive instead of just survive!

  • Are you ready to pivot your business and build the resiliency needed to succeed as the world around you is changing?
  • Do you want to to position yourself to get more clients and make more money while you attract & retain great team members and loyal customers?
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If you answered "yes" to these questions  I invite you to join me in Recession-Proof Business Blueprint.

Now is the time to create, shift and implement systems and actions designed to build resiliency, and long term success for your business... so you can weather the economic turbulence without missing a beat, and lead your business into the new normal!



Module #1 -- Building Resiliency
Module #2 -- Know Your Numbers
Module #3 -- Spread the Load


Module #4 --  Ignite Resourcefulness
Module #5 -- Don't Be a  Great Secret
Module #6 -- Reposition Business for Good & Growth

I understand that as part of IMPACT Business Blueprint, I will get:

  • Early access to the course material so I can get started before the live training begins!
  • 6 X Weekly Live Training/Coaching Sessions With Catherine, every Wednesday at 10 AM (PST) starting April, 29, 2020
  • Access to the recording of the live classes in case I missed a live training session or want to review the material.
  • Step by Step weekly plan to create and implement strategies for long-term business resiliency and growth.
  • Life-time access to the Recession-Proof Business Blueprint Forum to ask my questions and get feedback and support on successfully advancing my IMPACT Business initiatives.
  • Access to our unique daily Habit Builder for 6 weeks to keep your Resiliency business goals top of mind. Effective learning happens when ideas change how work is done.
  • Access to documents, templates, measurement tools and other resources saving time and money from the beginning. ​
  • BONUS: A complimentary ticket to our upcoming live event.
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I also realize that I have a 30-day money back guarantee which means I can get access to the entire online training, attend the group coaching calls, ask my questions from the support group and if I believe that I’m not getting the value that I expected, upon request within 30 days of this order I will get my money back.