Do You Promote Your Business?

On Friday I took the opportunity to watch the farewell of Barbara Walters after a long and successful career as a journalist.   She made a comment during her farewell special which really resonated with me.   Barbara said that she always took the opportunity to promote her specials, interviews and programs because, if no one watched, what was the purpose of doing them?

I cannot count how many times I have had clients and colleagues tell me that they did not Buzz_SMiles_freereally promote themselves… only to wonder why they didn’t achieve the results they anticipated.  Barbara’s words really resonated with me because I too have failed to self-promote my business efforts at different times over the past 2 decades.

A few tips for promoting your business, products and services can include

  1. Use Social Media posts
    • Write a blog post and cross promote on other media channels
      • If you write a blog for someone else, don’t forget to promote it in your social media channels.
    • Create conversation on Facebook –  discuss challenges customers would have that your product/service solves
    • Tweet and redirect people to your website, landing page through probing questions, comments rather than direct self-promotion
  2. Articles or promotional piece in your newsletter and send to your
  3. If you are speaking to groups, writing a book, getting news exposure
    • Tell everyone in advance so they can help promote you or attend the event for added support.
    • Sell from the stage or promote your business through stories/case studies when speaking
    • Share your website
    • Create a free offer to encourage people to get on your list so you can keep in touch.
  4. Build relationships with new customers or people of influence at networking events
    • Leave the selling to a later time… network at these events – don’t sell.

If no one knows you and your business exist, and what your product or service can solve, why are you doing what you do?  How much revenue, success, or opportunity are you letting pass you by?

From personal experience, I have realized revenue increases in double digits just by sharing business opportunities, programs and events which then attract clients.   My clients have who take pro-active steps when I recommend they to focus on revenue every week realize similar results.

If you experience a roller coaster in revenues or attracting new customers, its time to take stock of what regular activities you are taking to promote what you do.

What are some of the things you can do every week to keep yourself, your business and products/services in front of new and existing clients to keep revenues coming in steadily and growing?

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