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IMPACT Business Blueprint

This course leads small business leaders through a comprehensive process designed advance your sustainability protocols for greater impact.  You will delve deep and gain a new perspective on your business. 

Through a self-assessment you will get clear on what you have in place, identify gaps in operations and strategies in 5 core areas and create the systems needed to advance your impact business model in a meaningful way. 

Tools and resources speed your ability to know what to track, identify where you are today, rethink your internal protocols and operations, ignite next steps to improve sustainability practices and measure how you compare to other impact businesses.  Your assessment will provide strong inspiration and some concrete ideas to act upon to build the momentum to be a better business!

We will explore what is required to become a B-Corp and explore the sustainability development goals (SDGs) set by the UN so you can know if certification is right for you.

If B-Corp certification is your ultimate goal, this course will shorten the runway while simultaneously set you up to lead a thriving business where people love to work.

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Download our e-book “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join a Mastermind”

Have you ever wondered what a mastermind group is, and why many top CEO’s and business owners cite it as a fundamental part of their career and business success?  This ebook shares the top 10 reasons why you may want to consider a mastermind as part of your personal and professional development strategy. 

5 Ways to Stop Workplace Bickering in its Tracks! book image

Download our e-book “5 Ways to Stop Workplace Bickering in it’s Tracks

Organizations and teams have come to accept that conflict is normal and can be healthy by interjecting and stimulating innovation, creativity and boosting results.  Bickering is one symptom of a workplace where conflict is present.  How you, as a leader, deal with this and future conflicts can impact the success of the organization, yourself and those you lead.

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The Winning Way my coverBook - The Winning Way
An award winning, best seller by authors Catherine Rocheleau, Brian Tracy and other experts around the world.

LiveTheirWhy300Book -- Smart Women Live Their Why
A best selling book written by Catherine Rocheleau, Sheri McConnell and over 55 brilliant and inspiring authors. This book is rich in content and will help you take that next step in your career, business and in life!
Business Journal
Business Journal
Successful people achieve more because they create a discipline that other, less successful people are unwilling to do. Journaling is a daily habit that takes some time and persistence to develop but yields exceptional results.

- Each monthly journal contains a system for goal attainment.
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$25.99 each
$89,99 for 4 journals
Ignite coverEbook - Ignite Your Social Media - A Guide for Professionals
This eBook guides professionals into the world of social media. We cover why social media is a MUST for your marketing plan, how to set up, connect and build business relationships in a professional yet authentic way.

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