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Recently I read an article featured in Forbes, entitled “The #1 Productivity Tool You Aren’t Using”.  In this article, contributor Dorie Clark shared insights from Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile’s new book “The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work.”  I have now begun to read the book and I’m enjoying it.

I began journalling awhile ago and recent business courses I haven on leadership and those focused on entrepreneurs have repeatedly encouraged daily journalling as a way to stay focused and improve results.  I concur with these sentiments and have experienced the benefits first hand.

As a business leader, you may not see journalling as the ideal tool.  I thought that way too.  I related journalling to young girls keeping a diary of their deep dark secrets and feelings.  I always created written goals and reviewed them quarterly and thought this was enough.  Over a few years I learned about leaders who reported that a journal was valuable tool for their success as it allowed them to identify priorities, successes, connections and record thoughts, ideas and goals.  Soon I incorporated journalling into my routine and it has been so valuable and offered so many new insights and opportunities because thoughts were developed more thoroughly, or I focused on my successes even when my day wasn’t ideal.

This is echoed by Teresa Amabile who says ““One of the big reasons to keep a diary is to record small wins that otherwise might slip through your memory, You can leverage the progress principle and allow yourself to get that boost from realizing you are making progress. And it’s also helpful to record major setbacks – or minor ones that recur – so you can think about how to get rid of inhibitors blocking your progress.”

From my experience, I have experienced significant changes, business growth and development, innovation and a strong positive focus that is reinforced every day as I take time out to write in my journal.  My favourite time is later in the evening before I retire and in less than 10 minutes I empty my brain and can relax and sleep content in the fact that thoughts and insights are not lost.


Are you journalling daily?  If not, I strongly encourage you to start today.

My Business Leadership Journal is the ideal tool to get you started!  In only 10 minutes a day, you too can achieve the successes I have experienced, and those shared by Amabile.

What are you waiting for?


The Business Leadership Journal has made ME so much more productive in only a week…

It’s the best get-it-done system I’ve ever done!   

Bonnie Sainsbury, Left-Brain Marketing

I’m loving my Business Leadership Journal!  It’s really well laid out, and easy to use.  I love the structure, focus and clarity it brings to my day by keeping my attention on what’s most important.  This is a key planning tool for anyone who wants to get ahead.  

Sue Clement, Success Coaching

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