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Each of our Summit speakers has very generously contributed another gift exclusively for YOU -- our PDL community.  These gifts are yours for the taking.


I hope you will join me in thanking each and every speaker who generously donated their time and expertise during the summit and the gifts they provided to attendees, VIPs and in this gift giveaway.


Review each of the gifts below.  Click on the button for each item you wish to receive.


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52 Writing Tips & How to Get Published (2 ebooks)

These two books share fast and easy ways to ramp up your writing skills  and get yourself published to elevate your expertise.  Are you ready to make this year the year you shine? 

Pat Iyer

Video:  Introduction To QiGong

Do you want to feel centered and self-connected in just five minutes? For centuries, top performers have been using the ancient art of Qigong to cut through overwhelm and elevate their game. It’s fun and a super quick way to release stress, connect to your core and become more focused and effective. For many entrepreneurs this is their secret gateway to superior performance and charismatic leadership while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.Suitable for all levels, “Introduction to Qigong” is a fun and engaging sequence to quickly harness your mind and empower your core.

Arrow Gonsalves

Quick Signature Program Profit Secrets

For highly motivated female solopreneurs who want to make a global IMPACT doing what they love from anywhere in the world.  Discover how to...

1) spend more quality time with clients and less time on the things thank suck the life out of you and you don't enjoy doing  2) zero in on doing your very best work and stop spinning all those plates and peddeling painfully fast and not getting anywere 3) FAST TRACK your personal and business success and easily enroll clients who are highly motivated and you love working with  a PROVEN road map to success with HIGH-INCOME pay days, BIG PROFITS and a global IMPACT

Wendy Kier

Masterclass: How to Create Exponential Growth in Your Business

In this live working training, you will gain clarity and focus for faster growth and have a complete plan in place to build momentum and scale your business!

Kim Kelley Thompson

WELLth Assessment

Find out more about your "Power number -- Where your balance between health, career and personal well-being combine.  A WELLth Plan is your key to a lifestyle of success and freedom.

Sharon Otaguro

Breaking Through Invisible Boundaries

Free PDF to help you take the first step to break through your invisible boundaries.

Kimberly Hambrick

E-Book:  Regaining Focus - The Power of Focus 

This E-Book Reveals Top 6-Step System To Regaining and Mastering Your Focus!

Michelle Guinn

How To Know Like and Trust Yourself A Little Bit More

The Know, Like, and Trust Factor Assessment Used By Advocates World-wide

Jackie Simmons

Unlock the Real Value You Hold for Your Clients

How to transform your service based business by doing less and being more!

Wendy Burge

Liberating Lifestyle™ Session

Your Liberating Lifestyle™ Session answers the following questions:

1. Why to turn health into wealth, achieve financial security, liberate your lifestyle, and what is specifically in it for you?

2. The #1 thing standing in the way of achieving Energizing Results 3. Are we a good fit?

Uwe Dockhorn

7 Essential Money Making Conversations Flowchart

Know what to say and what to do in every conversation, so you easily move the right people into the right conversations and make more sales.

Sarah Michael

Business Partner Blueprint Guide to Landing Corporate Contracts

The Complete Framework outlining everything you need to build a legacy business by leveraging the cash flow of big corporate contracts.

Randall Dobbins

7 Marketing Ideas to Monetize Your Brand Now!

Learn how you can profit from your marketing efforts to grow your business!

Carolyn Ortman

The Switch: Peak Productivity on Demand

This e-book will help you get back into action fast and be very productive.

Antonia Van Becker & Greg Lee

Breakthrough Huddle

Creating a Breakthrough is such a freeing activity.  When you dedicate time and invest in yourself you end inertia and ignite the momentum to move forward.

Sometimes, what's holding you back can be unleashed in one focused session.

That's where the Breakthrough Huddle is the perfect solution!  We focus on one challenge and how to release the ties that are holding you back.

Catherine Rocheleau