When an Opporunity Appears – Will You be Ready?

As an avid hockey fan, I often find great examples from sporting events that can apply to the business world.  The most recent was the decision by the Montreal Canadiens to play their 3rd string goalie in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final  rather than the more experienced back-up.  Tokarski was recently called up from the AHL and is now in his debut post season game.  Tokarski is obviously lacking some NHL experience with only 10 NHL games under his belt, but he has lots of experience and wins in big games throughout his career.

How does this relate to business?

In the above example, franchise goalie Carey Price was injured  in Game 1 and was unable to play for the remainder of this series.  The injury was unexpected and created an opportunity for his teammates.

This is no different to business situations where a potential client may unexpectedly have a need for your product/services.  Would you be able to step up and “play big”?

Image:  Stuart Miles | www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image: Stuart Miles | www.freedigitalphotos.net

In business, similar opportunities present themselves.  It is up to you to be prepared.  This may mean having to set up systems, learn new skills before you need them, hire staff in advance of getting that next job — all so you can act quickly to capitalize on the opportunity.

It also means you have to be nimble.  One of the situations that was presented to me was a project to evaluate a specific team and construct action plans to reach best practices.

In this instance I needed someone with specific experience to bring more value to the project.  I quickly explored my contact lists, identified possible connections and found the ideal person.  My client signed off on their addition to the team and the assessment began.   Soon this project morphed into new opportunities which kept my team working for 2 years.

Don’t let opportunities pass you buy because you aren’t ready. Think bigger and get prepared today for what could be possible tomorrow.  Who could you call upon to do different tasks?   Have you created processes which allow you to easily delegate and train others to step in and get up to speed effectively?   Are your systems scalable in a way that they will continue to work  as you grow?

Just a few things to thing about to be prepared for the unknown, which can move you from small to a recognized leader.

Are you looking to review your strategy, operations and your ability to leverage?   I can help you and your team.  Book an exploration session today so we can explore how to ensure you don’t miss out on your next opportunity.

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