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In July 2012 my article “Opportunity Knocks — Are You Ready?” was posted by Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.  I thought I would share it here as well… I hope you will enjoy it.

Do you recognize good business opportunities when they are presented to you? Do you capitalize on them or let them pass you by? As a business owner, when opportunity knocks your ability to take advantage of the information or event is dependent on three key factors.

Entprepreneurial Woman Magazine logoRecently I was working with a client on a new program that would expand his ability to service customers across the country. This expansion was his number one priority for the year and together we had implemented an aggressive plan to achieve his goals. Part way through our project I learned of some new information which ultimately sent our plans into hyper-drive. We were able to launch his new program and secure sales almost immediately. There is still a long way to go to fully achieve our desired outcomes but we were able to capitalize on a unique opportunity.
This situation was particularly exciting and rewarding. If this situation were to happen to you, would be able to enjoy the success my client has?
Be Prepared
You don’t want to leave your business to chance or lost opportunities.The motto “Be Prepared” is just as applicable to your business as it is to Guiding. The best way to prepare yourself so you can leap when opportunities come along is to know your own strengths and your competitive advantage.
Knowing your weaknesses and implementing systems to minimize their impact, or partnering with another business in a joint venture are two options available to you to be better prepared.
A SWOT analysis is a business tool that allows you identify your strengths, weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats so you will be prepared.

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