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Today’s non-profit leaders face unique and interesting challenges. It’s a fine balance of leadership in a multitude of areas, business operations and an over-riding purpose (both personally and for the organization).

Navigating the needs and operations of a business entity, a team of paid and unpaid members, while also fundraising, and delivering on a strong mission and purpose for being. Add to that, the challenges of today’s changing landscape, plagued with uncertainty and shifts in how funders, donors and recipients wish to receive products, services and information.

The Impact of Non-Profits

According to Allyssa Conrardy of Prosper Strategies, “running an effective non-profit has never been more difficult. Growing demandshrinking resourcesfierce competitionbroken trust, and a cycle of starvation are making it hard for many non-profits to sustain themselves and holding most organizations back from doing all they could to advance their missions.”

Worldwide, the non-profit sector is not insignificant – contributing on average approximately 2-8% of GDP and this sector continues to experience small but consistent growth. Interestingly, the non-profit sector in the US employs approximately 1 in 10 working Americans. (source: Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society).

The Importance of Strong Leadership

Leadership of a non-profit can make or break the organization and its ability to successfully fulfill its mission and purpose. Leaders require a unique set of skills to face the unique challenges they face.

In fact, good leadership results in a thriving organization that continually grows (and adapts) to the needs of those they serve, while creating a great workplace that brings people together to deliver on the organization’s mandate in a meaningful way.

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”

Sonia Johnson

Why We Support Non-Profit Leaders

Over the past 30 years, Ignite Leadership International’s® founder, Catherine Rocheleau has worked with and/or volunteered for numerous non-profit organizations throughout North America. As an executive director, Catherine embraced the opportunity to integrate entrepreneurial strategies with a strong, non-profit mission. She not only shifted the organization to a virtual entity (very unusual at the time) so they could better serve the entire province, she established the systems to grow the organization and boost revenues by 400%. As a Board member, Catherine helped other organizations grow and integrate new technologies, communication and programs.

The overlap of business and a strong purpose became the logical next step for Ignite Leadership. As such, Catherine began to consistently integrate social and environmental impact initiatives into the core of her business. Many told her this was “superfluous”. Not bending in her determination, she now leads a social purpose business. Catherine is on a mission to change how business is done – in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Ignite Leadership’s purpose is to create a world where every organization thrives, is a great place to work and makes a massive impact in the world. She is also in progress of changing her business entity into a Benefit Corporation to solidify our commitment to creating impact.

Our mission has enabled us to effectively serve both social impact, purpose-driven businesses and non-profits. Today Ignite Leadership is now excited to introduce the latest offering…

… The Ignite Impact Collective.

The Ignite Impact Collective offers non-profit leaders a unique array of programs and services specifically designed for today’s non-profit leader, their organizations and the opportunities and challenges they face.

If you lead an established non-profit and are ready to lead changes, grow your organization, scale your impact — our programs are right for you.

Our Programs for Non-Profit Leaders

The Ignite Impact Collective integrates the 5 Collective Impact principles and conditions to achieve mutual success for all members.

We focus on equity for the entire global community of members. Our over-riding goal is to recruit and engage non profit and social impact organizations to build a strong, cross-sector, purpose-driven community. Together we will elevate purpose-driven leadership as we learn, adapt and improve growth and impact based on data and inputs. And, cultivate a community culture that is built upon, and fosters trust, strong relationships and respect.


Elevating Purposeful Leadership through Learning and Community.

Activate is a membership program for Non-Profit Leaders.

A curated global community of non-profit leaders who are dedicated to elevating leadership within their organization and advancing the good they can create.

Activate! is focused on bringing YOU, the non-profit leader, top value learning opportunities, engaging speakers, a community that fosters camaraderie, collegial support and encouragement, and tools, resources, and solutions for you to advance organizational growth and leadership to make a difference in the lives of people through your mission.

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Leveraging Skill, Learning, Community and tactics to Ignite organizational Growth, and Action for Increased Impact

Accelerate is a group coaching program designed for non-profit leaders with a growth mindset.  Bring your biggest implementation challenge or leadership obstacle, a new idea for feedback or leading question to the certified coach, and other participants, for solutions, support and brainstorming. 

This program is a great addition to our Activate! membership because we leverage the learning from that group, and add coaching along with a focus on taking action to accelerate results!

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Magnifying results through the power of a peer mastermind.

Amplify is a mastermind group consisting of and focused on, the challenges and opportunities, wants and needs of today’s agile, forward-thinking non-profit leader who is committed to building capacity, delivering greater impact to a wider audience, and leading a great team. 

Together we will leverage the power of many minds to find solutions, explore opportunities, learn, share and amplify the impact we make, individually and collectively.

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Mentoring and leadership development using a coaching approach is massively beneficial in creating organizational and personal growth, focus, direction and support.

Our 1:1 coaching programs are designed to meet you where you are today and to assist you to get where you want to be, or want to achieve, in the future. Our SPARK framework, experience in non-profit leadership and as an executive leadership coach align strategy, goals and actions with you and your mission.

We offer both executive leadership and laser coaching options.

PIVOT – VIP Strategy Intensive

Your Secret Weapon to Elevating Your Social-Impact Business or Non-Profit On Purpose and On Point

PIVOT Intensives are an ideal forum to be a catalyst for creative, innovative, and collaborative breakthroughs – moving you from good to great!

Each PIVOT Intensive offers you an opportunity step out of day-to-day operations and invest in yourself and your organization to create the breakthroughs that will catapult you forward to new heights.

You will walk away from your PIVOT intensive with a concrete plan designed to move you forward quickly and to achieve amazing results.

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Your action today will produce results for tomorrow!

Not sure what program is right for you? Do you have questions?

Let’s explore your options and find the right fit.

Our MoreThanGreen™ sustainability program underpins all aspects of our business. We also donate more than 2% of top-line revenues to our designated charities.

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