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Every day I hear clients and colleagues describe how their efforts on social media are underwhelming, frustrating or why they don’t have time to learn how to use it.  Is this you?

I was an early adopter with social media and I learned as I went along.  Because I was using a variety of  social media platforms and learned quickly, I have been asked by clients, colleagues, and friends to help them.

This, and encouragement from my colleagues, prompted me to start a new project.  If my network is wanting more assistance, then who else needs help?

While researching the content for this e-book I realized there are lots of people who claim to be a social media expert yet their actions and their advice have a disconnect.  I am not claiming to be a social media expert… I’m far from it in my opinion.  Instead, I am a business professional who has successfully integrated social media into my business, marketing and communication plans.  More importantly, I like to share what I know so you can get up to speed more quickly than I did.

So, if you, or someone you know, finds social media overwhelming my new e-book is the tool for you!

Another thing I learned when I attended workshops or webinars on social media, there was a lot of focus on the tool and less on the content — particularly from a business perspective.   Like many business professionals, I do not want my life to be an open book.  Instead, I want to connect with people in an authentic, professional way.  I want to offer value to my network in my on-going communications with them.

It is this focus I have integrated into this new resource for you.  Learn…

  1. Why social media should be in your marketing plan
  2. How to find content to share
  3. How to connect without breaching professional ethics
  4. How to build your network and really engage your friends and followers
  5. How to share information “without giving it all away for free”
  6. How to manage your accounts in 30 minutes or less.

I share my insights, recommendations and ideas to help you move forward… one step at a time.

Ignite Your Social Media:  A Professionals Guide is in its final stages and will be released in the first week of July August!!  I am really excited to share this resource with you!  I welcome your thoughts, feedback and ideas for content.  There is still time to add more if I haven’t got it covered.


I also want to let you know that I have a pre-launch special.  The e-book will sell for $34.99  ($5 goes to my Girls To School Project).

Purchase before I launch, and save!!

Pre-launch price is $29.99

… and I will still donate $5 for each book to the Girls To School Project.

The link for the book will be sent in the first week of July August!  You will also receive any up-dates that are made to this resource during the first 6 months!

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