Navigating Change with Purpose

Have you been feeling a bit out of sorts lately? Wondering how you can regain your focus, purpose and routine? Change has a way of pulling the rug out from under you. More so when the change comes with so many unknowns and for which you have no control.

Here are some tips for navigating our rapidly changing business world –

  1. Recognize that what is happening around you is out of your control, however, you can take positive steps to be safe, be well and have a positive impact. That includes: staying home and only going out for essentials ie getting groceries; keeping a 2 m (6 ft) distance between yourself and others; and washing your hands frequently and thoroughly.
  2. Ground yourself every day by reflecting on your purpose and your values. These are your north star — your non-negotiables! Grounding yourself to what is most important brings a natural calming influence.
  3. Create a daily routine for yourself – personal and business. Working from home can be challenging if it is not your usual place. You may have additional distractions than normal. I use time blocking. I block off 1-2 hours for work activities then 1 hour for personal. I repeat this pattern during the day. It helps give a sense of balance, accomplishment and calm.
  4. Set goals for yourself – daily, weekly and monthly. Don’t let today’s situation prevent you from looking forward. Although we have many unknowns, there will be an end and a new normal. Now is the time to prepare for that. Like anything, it may need to be tweaked or implementation delayed, but that’s easier than revving up from a dead stop. Check out our Goal Strategy Success program to guide you through our proven goal implementation process.
  5. Stay connected. As a business owner, stay connected to others in your network. Communicate with your team, your clients, your suppliers. On a personal note, reach out to family and friends. We are all in this together. When you stay in touch, reconnect with people you have lost touch with, you will not feel isolated, alone or out of sync.
  6. Lastly, stay visible. They always say, the time to increase your advertising is during a recession. We may not be in a true recession, but we are in a down time for normal business activities. How can you be more visible to your clients or ideal potential clients? When things return to normal, people will remember you as everyone else ramps up!

Our resilience as entrepreneurs and business owners may be challenged today, however we are more prepared for uncertainty than many others in the world. Take steps everyday to align, activate and advance your business efforts so you can ride the wave we are on, and return to leading a profitable business soon.

If you are looking to work with a mentor who can work with you to navigate the changes you are facing and to prepare for the next phase, we have programs that can assist you. Our programs include: group coaching, mastermind groups, VIP Strategic Intensives, Strategic Huddles and more!

Complete our application and book your complimentary Ignition Call and we will explore if our programs are right for you.

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