Mindset & Change

This week I was reminded how quickly things change.  I was working with a client who was experiencing change so quickly they began to feel overwhelmed.    This professional is highly proficient in their career and has a successful business.  No one is immune to these situations.
Together we worked on the priorities and identified the greatest opportunities, what could be delegated and what needed a quick fix.   My client was very positive and open to the changes and his goal was to remain on the forward edge.   In the end his plan to manage these changes were clear and his stress level was in check.

Your Mindset

How many times have you met someone who was so set in their thinking that they miss out on new and unique opportunities or got left behind in their field?  In contrast, what about the person who is always open to learning new things, willing to try, rides the tides of change and manoeuvres the bumps in the road?  Most of us have a mindset that is probably somewhere in between.  Your mindset is developed over time and is fostered through your values and the messages you receive from your environment.  Your ability to adapt to change is also significantly impacted by your mindset.

Fixed or Growth?

Dr. Carol Dweck, Ph.D., at Stanford University has researched and written on how a person’s mindset impacts their ability to learn and change.  Dr. Dweck has identified two types of mindset:  fixed and growth.  A person with a fixed mindset tends to be more resistant to change and defensive in the face of setbacks.  Fixed mindsets are set in their approach and less motivated to put in the effort to learn or change and will lose confidence when faced with setbacks.  They like to remain in their comfort zone and they respond best to ‘person-focused’ encouragement.

In contrast, a person with a growth mindset is more  resilient and open to change. They understand they must assert effort to learn and  make change happen and  they welcome instruction.  They also want to learn from their mistakes.  People with growth mindsets tend to respond best with process focused encouragement which recognizes their strategies, effort and persistence.

And You Are …?

If you are faced with change, how do you respond? Do you focus on learning from your mistakes?  Do you recognize the effort you have applied to make changes, stretch and learn new things?  Alternatively, do you resist changes, shift the blame for your situation to circumstances beyond your control and prefer the status quo?

Managing Change

Managing changes in your career or business can stretch your resources.  Innovation can be lost and you can become time starved.  Group coaching is a great option available to you.  It’s both time and cost efficient and offers great support.  Better yet, you can learn from the challenges experienced by other members on the call.  When you are coached, you receive the 1:1 attention, others just listen in.  Calls are recorded for you to listen to later so you never miss out on content.

Want to know More?   Reserve a Complimentary Exploration Session with Catherine Rocheleau to determine if this option will work for you.   Sessions are set to start in February!   Set yourself up for a great start today!

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