Mastermind Your Way to Your Goals

Have you ever participated in a mastermind program?

If you have, you know how much a dedicated group of people committed to the success of each and every member can be to you achieving more in less time.

If not, you are missing out on one of the greatest tools available at your disposal.

Last week I attended the SOHO SME Expo.  This expo attracted small and medium business owners in a wide variety of sectors.  I had the opportunity to connect with many attendees while assisting a colleague,  Sue Clement, Success Coaching with her booth at the event.   I had the opportunity to share my programs as I networked around the room.  I was amazed at how many people had not heard about mastermind programs.  This struck a chord and I knew I had to share more information about this tool for success.

I cannot imagine not participating in a mastermind group.  Why?  Because I have gained so much support, encouragement, and ideas to raise my game from my team.  Earlier today my virtual mastermind team and I were on our weekly call.  Each of us is currently writing a book.  We were able to share details of our books knowing this information is confidential and would not be “stolen” out from under us.  We also brainstormed concepts and gained feedback, and shared resources to help us bring the book to reality more quickly.  We are honest in our thoughts and feedback, and very focused on the benefit we collectively achieve through this long-term commitment.  We all left that call inspired and with a commitment to keep each person accountable to their goals.   A great way to start the week!

Let me tell you more about a mastermind group.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill described the2 major characteristic benefits of a Mastermind group.  One is economic, the second is psychic.   Economic benefits are the foundation of every great success and can be achieved when you surround yourself with others who are willing to provide “advice, counsel and personal cooperation of a group of people who are willing to lend them wholehearted aid in a spirit of perfect harmony.”

Psychic benefit is created when two or more minds come together and the benefit is greater than the sum of the total.  The 1+1 = 3+ is true for every mastermind group as the energy of each mind within the group becomes greater than each individually.

Your accountability partners must contain five key traits in order for you to collectively succeed.  Earlier this year I wrote an article for the Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine which outlines these traits.  Do you have what it takes?

Mastermind groups can be both in-person or virtual.  I find both options to be excellent. A commitment to attend 100% of the time is critical.  Not only because groups are small (and the loss of 1 person is significant) but also because each member of the group relies on their team members during these sessions.  This is why my programs are in 6 month blocks and limited to 5-6 people.  This only requires you to commit to 6 monthly calls.  The day and time are chosen by the group to maximize attendance.

Face to face meetings have the obvious benefit of offering direct contact with others in the room.  You are able to read non-verbal cues and share resources directly.   It is much easier to remain engaged and not distracted when you are in the same room, and conversations can flow a bit easier – most of the time.   The challenge is always getting to the meeting on time!  Collectively the groups time is valuable — thousands of dollars per hour.  Therefore commitment and promptness are critical.

Virtual groups also have their own advantages and challenges.  The advantage of a virtual group is there is no time lost in your day to travel to the meeting.  On the other hand, a 2 hour phone call can be challenging.  You have to stay focused on the call and avoid distractions of email, texts and phone calls during the sessions.  Masterminds are only beneficial if everyone is engaged and contributing at all times.

I would love to connect with you and discuss how my mastermind programs could benefit your career.  Complete the application and submit it to me.  We will then meet via phone or Skype to explore how a mastermind program can catapult you forward.


A mastermind is “a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  Napoleon Hill

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