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In a recent article “The Benefits of Belonging to a CEO  Group” author Christopher Haan discusses how a peer mentoring group can help you manage your business better.  In this article, Haan states that participants must be ” active participants …–for doers, not just listeners”.  Mastermind participants who are CEOs participate because they are ” not always going to hear what they need to hear from employees or the board,” he says. “They come because people will tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. They really like having an objective sounding board of CEOs whose only agenda is to help you and your business get better.”
StudyBuddy2How does a mastermind group improve your business or career?

When you join a mastermind group you have an opportunity to join a select group of motivated and dedicated business leaders who are open and willing to take the steps toward collective success.  Each participant brings their knowledge, skills, experience and insights.  They also embrace the concept of sharing & supporting each member of the group in a frank yet

Receiving honest, frank feedback is not always what you want to hear but when given in a supportive environment, it allows you to seek solutions to turn negatives into positives, gain insights into how others perceive a situation or brainstorm new ideas.

Virtual or In-Person

There are a variety of different mastermind groups available for entrepreneurs, professionals, CEO’s and more.   Each group brings its own culture and can be run in both facilitated and non-facilitated formats.

Virtual groups offer you the ability to connect with others in your city, province, state, country or globally all from the comfort of your home or office.  There are great time savings because you don’t have to travel to the meeting location.  Technology allows groups to video-conference together and improve the connectivity over telephone calls alone.   Not meeting in person takes self-discipline to turn off your cell phone, email notifications and any other distractions.  A mastermind only works when every member of the group is fully engaged and involved.  I have loved my virtual groups.  One of the mastermind teams I belonged to was global.  Since we all had similar businesses, the distance geographically was a benefit because we weren’t targeting the same clients.

In person groups offer participants a very focused meetings where you can directly connect with each participant.  For some, this format works much better than a virtual group.   I really enjoy getting together with my mastermind team.  We have created a great environment to share and gain the support we need to really step up and into new arenas.  A face-to-face group does have some drawbacks — most importantly is that everyone must live in the same geographic area and you have to allow extra time to travel to the meeting location.  Timeliness is also critical – Time is money!  Respecting each other enough to arrive on time, stay focused on the topic at hand, and being willing to discuss the “hard” areas will make this type of group a valuable addition to your business or career.

Facilitated or Self-Run – There are two different approaches to mastermind groups.  Some groups self-run, usually with one or two members taking on the role of leader.  many self run groups have a loose agenda and experience a shorter lifespan.  I have belonged to several self-run masterminds in the past two decades and two of them have survived for more than 10 years, although members came and went.

On the other hand, facilitated masterminds offer members an opportunity to focus on their business and participating instead of organizing and leading the mastermind.  The facilitated meetings generally have a fee attached and the facilitator will organize and lead the group, keep everyone on schedule and help coordinate resources, guest speakers and screen new members.

Take the next step

If you are ready to catapult your career or business to the next level, a mastermind group is for you!  As your mastermind facilitator, I bring groups together who are at the same phase or have a common focus and I run both in person and virtual options.   A 6 month commitment to the group is requested, with membership month to month thereafter.   Groups help to create their mastermind culture.  Members also have input into the approach, topics, schedule and format.

As a member of a mastermind you will be supported in your goals and accountability is a built-in component of each group.  You will receive a Mastermind Success Tracker, access to monthly book reviews, expert interviews or tele-seminars for added support.


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