LIfe is Full of Turbulence

Today at the Olympics, Canadian swimmer bronze medalist, Brent Hayden, won the bronze  medal in the men’s 100m freestyle.  In his post event interview, Hayden said life is full of turbulence but you have to build bridges and when you have a strong foundation you cross the bridge and cut through the turbulence.

This is great advice for anyone who is facing a rocky road.  It is important to take time to do the work necessary to build the strong foundation so that your efforts will allow you to achieve your goals.  This strong foundation will also allow you to endure the turbulence that life throws your way.

The turbulence may be not getting the promotion you wanted, being passed over for a transfer, not making partner in your firm, or losing a big client.  The turbulence you experience can be huge, and it can be small but whatever it is, the preparation you make affects how your rebound.

The key to successful navigation…

1.  See where you want to go and what you want to achieve — keep it front and centre.

2.  Prepare!  Success is the result of preparation and planning.  It takes work and effort.

3.  Act and Adjust.   Once you take action, your first effort may not be the winner.  Make some adjustments and then do it again.

4.  Recognize your strengths and limitations – but learn to overcome the limitations!  When you have a strong foundation you can learn how to turn limitations into strengths.

5.  Keep moving forward to reach new summits!



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