Lessons We Can All Learn

Over the past weekend, the Grey Cup game was played between two great Canadian Football League teams – The Winnipeg Bluebombers and the BC Lions.  These two teams came to the game with every intention of leaving the field the champion!  Only one team could do so, but that didn’t stop the drive and determination of either team.

The game was great to watch.  There was a bit of everything – field goal attempts hitting the up-rights and going in or not.  Sacks, great passes, great tackles and emotions adding some spice.  In the end, BC prevailed and was crowned the Grey Cup champs — only the 4th team ever to win the cup on home turf!

So what is the lesson in all of this?

BC started its season 0-6.  They then turned a corner and won 12 out of 13 games.  The media and many fans had written them off at the start of the season but members of the team knew they could (and should) do better.  They never let the destination fade from their sights yet they repeatedly said – they were focusing on one game at a time.

In business, we can all learn from this same approach.

Large, lofty goals can be overwhelming and even scary.  When you face set-backs, the challenges grow faster than your progress and it is very hard to stay focused.  If you take the same approach as the BC Lions did, you know what your goal is but you break it down into individual steps.  You focus your energy and attention on the next step and bring your “all” to the game at hand.  Your chances of success significantly greater and with that comes increased confidence.

Next time you feel like the odds are against you, remember the hole the BC Lions dug for themselves at the start of this season,

  • have a clear vision of what you are aiming to accomplish,
  • break that goal into achievable steps,
  • celebrate each success,
  • learn from each setback,
  • stay focused,
  • get help from a business/executive coach or mastermind team


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