Lead with Conviction

Acknowledgement is possession. When you acknowledge, think or have conviction in something, it actually will come true.   Stephen Richards

In the last two weeks I have had the fortune to participate in two amazing business events with entrepreneurs at all levels of business.  It has been so insightful and motivating.  I hope you also participate in professional development and networking events to fuel yourself and your business efforts.

One thing that I noticed with many of the entrepreneurs I interacted with, and have faced myself, is a lack of conviction.  This sounds harsh, I know, but it it leaves me questioning these two things…

1)  If we consider the definition of conviction as “a firmly held belief or persuasion” and entrepreneurs are a passionate and dedicated group who are willing to work long hours to turn their passion into reality.  Why is it that only 6% of all entrepreneurs reach a 6 figure income and therefore they are living close to the poverty line?

2)  If conviction is a critical component in great leadership, beyond their own vision and administrative skills, why are entrepreneurs not better leaders of their own business?

 Without conviction, nothing really matters, and nothing of significance is passed on.  R. Albert Mohler Jr


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