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The past couple of weeks have been a challenge for me as I try to balance competing priorities.  It is an exciting time as my business continues to grow and develop both in the ways I set out to achieve last year and in ways I hadn’t even considered!.  During my networking meetings I have heard so many professionals and business owners speaking on the challenges they face in their lives, career and business.  I am sure you can relate to this.

While at the BC Home & Garden Show in February, TV personality Bryan Baeumler spoke about the success and failures of home “do-it-yourselfers”.  His take is that most DIY’ers make more mistakes than successes because they don’t go far enough.  Instead they focus on the “pretty”, leaving a rat’s nest in place – untouched.

In business, you can make these same kinds of mistakes.  Many businesses, teams and not-for-profits fail to take time to really dig deep enough when things are not going well.  Digging deep and revealing the “ugly” (those challenges, strategies or systems that are present, or lacking) and are leading you astray will not go away when they are just hidden.   Fundamental facets must be in place for you to lead, grow and succeed.

Don’t just look at the Surface

Are you frustrated with where you are today?  Do you know you could (or should) be achieving more?  Do people make suggestions and you respond with lots of reasons why that won’t (or hasn’t) worked?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to dig deeper!  Just like home renovations, you have to go beyond what’s on the surface.  You need to look beyond the walls you have erected.  These walls are your comfort zone.   The place where you don’t have to take risks which make you  feel out of control, unsupported or unsure.

Face Your Reality

As you peel away the walls around you, there may be some surprises that you have avoided while others are new to you.  No matter what comes to the fore, if you want to achieve different results you must be willing to make changes.   Change will knock you off balance for a short time, but the effort and unsteadiness are worthwhile if success is truly your desire.  Facing your reality is the first step in making a true change.

Overcome Your Gremlin

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I have spoken about that nagging voice that works against you — ‘your Gremlin’.  We all have a Gremlin that offers up self-doubt or negative thoughts that will knock you off track or fail to implement that bright idea.  Your Gremlin speaks loudly and firmly and it takes focus and determination so you don’t listen to him & instead hear only your Cheerleader.  If your Gremlin is stopping you, ask yourself “what do I want more — to succeed or fail?  If you want to succeed, what steps do you have to take?  What’s the worst that can happen if you move forward?

It’s time to invest in your next step

Don’t let fear, your comfort zone, your Gremlin, or change stop you from achieving success.  Stretch yourself and grow!  Coaching is one way to take positive steps forward in a supportive, encouraging environment.  You will stay accountable to your goals!  You will achieve more than being a lone ranger and you’ll gain greater insights and uncover thoughts/beliefs you can’t or won’t face independently.  Having an opportunity to delve deeper, role-play or brainstorm will keep you growing and leading your business or career so you become the leader of your changes and achieve the success you deserve.

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