I’ve Taken the Pledge for Sustainability

I am very pleased to share the recent steps I have taken to improve my efforts to support sustainability within our community.

As a member of the Burnaby Board of Trade, I was encouraged to make an even more public statement about the efforts my business is taking toward this end.  I have always incorporated a “More Than Green” pledge_MemberButton_FAapproach in my business.

Today I joined many other businesses who have joined this initiative by taking the The Pledge for A Sustainable Community .

“The Pledge is a comprehensive online resource with the goal of helping businesses large and small reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time promoting their company and even saving money.” (BBOT.ca)

BBOT also says “It (The Pledge) means demonstrating to the community that your company cares about the environment and wants to reduce its impact. Your commitment can be as simple as turning off the lights, printing double-sided, or composting food waste. Or if you’re already doing something great, tell us about it.”

Although the Burnaby Board of Trade is spearheading this initiative, you don’t have to be in Burnaby to participate.  I encourage you to check out their site for more information and join me and make a Pledge for a Sustainable Community.


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