It’s Time to Get Going!

Over the past week, I have been busy attending trades shows and giving presentations to different audiences.   I have been offering attendees some specials which are due to end very soon!  I have decided to open up these specials to everyone!

2013 is approaching very quickly!

Are you ready to jump on a good opportunity now

to drive business results in the new year?

If so… these specials will be of interest to you!


1.  Group Coaching for Business

Leverage Your Time & the Skill of Your Coach!  Group coaching offers an affordable alternative to 1:1 coaching.

Our 6 month program allows you to access a Certified Executive Business Coach via video-conference for coaching.  You have an opportunity to bring your challenges, opportunities & questions to one of 3 calls featured each month.  While we work together, other participants listen in.  Each participant gains the benefit of their own coaching session, along with gaining nuggets from others.   Why not avoid the pitfalls of business by learning from others!

You will 

  • Set clear business goals to achieve during the program
  • Identify the actions necessary to propel you forward
  • Access tools and resources to facilitate the process
  • Connect with other motivate business leaders in our private online discussion board
  • Stay accountable using our on-line portal and receive feedback on your progress.

Coaching has been demonstrated to effectively challenge and motivate business leaders so they achieve more faster!!

SPECIAL  — $1200  (for the 6 month program)   Register before December 10th!

Learn more & Register Now…


2.  Leadership Power Teams

 Leverage the power of many minds as part of a Virtual or In-Person team.

If you are

  • motivated to catapult your results,
  • grow professionally and personally,
  • support, encourage, brainstorm and troubleshoot with other like-minded business leaders

… the Leadership Power Teams are for you!!    You will gain more than you give!

Facilitated meetings are focused and ensure every participant has focused time on their issue.

Online discussion board offers a private support between the monthly meetings.

SPECIAL   — $1000 (for a 6 month Pearl program)    Register by December 10th, 2012

Learn more & Register Now!


3.   Goal Strategy Success On-line

Do you want to achieve your goals and dreams more consistently?  Our Goal Strategy system is the tool for you.
This online program is available 24/7 so you can work though the exercises at your convenience.

  • a 6 week on-line course designed to help you gain clarity, set realistic goals, create action plans, establish a strong network and create your 1 year plan!
  • a 12 month subscription to our new on-line Leadership Journal.  This proven system will keep you focused on results — and only takes 10 minutes a day!
  • Connect with your Coach every quarter in a Goal Strategy Call – to keep you motivated and breaking through your glass ceiling!

SAVE 15%  —  Only $399  (register before December 10th, 2012)


Time is money!  Why make success wait?

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