Is it Time to Reach Higher?

At the beginning of every year, it is important to set your goals and create an action plan to guide you along the way.  Staying on target can be challenging — particularly when LIFE gets in the way!  Every day when I write in my journal I realize how great this one tool is to keep me focused and on target.  To support my journalling, I also belong to a mastermind group and a coaching program.  Each tool plays a specific role in the entire process.

I share this information with you because you may want to achieve more and yet the results of your efforts are falling short, or you feel frustrated because the pace is too slow or you feel alone and unsupported.  We all can experience these feelings at one time or another but its up to you to take the necessary action to change the situation.  (see my last blog entry for more on mindset and change).

Are you ready to make a change?  Is it time for you to reach higher and achieve more?  Are you interested in some tools and resources to help your progress?

If you answer is yes, I have 3 key options to catapult your business / career so those goals and dreams become your new reality!

  1. Business Leadership Journal   — In only 10 minutes a day, this perpetual journal provides the system that enables you to start today to plan and record you strategic business/career plan for the next year.  It also provides daily journal pages to record your priorities, successes, connections and insights.  Weekly debriefs, monthly reflection, and quarterly summaries will increase your focus and key learnings from your entries.  SPARK, GROW, LEAD pages offer insights and motivation to keep you on track throughout the year.     learn more
  2. Group Coaching   —  Group coaching provides each participant a great balance between coaching value, learning from others and your budget.   From a coaching perspective, you will receive the full attention of the Certified Coach when you ask a question or ask for help with a problem or opportunity – the only difference is there are others listening in to the session.  When your time is finished, you are able to listen in to other sessions.  You’d be amazed at how much you may have in common and can learn from listening in.    My groups also have access to an on-line discussion board so you can gain insights and feedback from your group.   Coaching will provide a sounding board, accountability and motivation to keep you moving forward and upward!   Learn more
  3. Mastermind  —   Napoleon Hill popularized the concept of the mastermind.  Groups can be virtual or in-person but the benefits can be just the same.   A mastermind group consists of 5-6 people who are motivated and focused on achieving greater success in their career, business and life.  In addition, they are committed to the success of the other members of the mastermind group.  A facilitator keeps the group on target, setting goals and the group collectively keeps you accountable to your intentions.   My mastermind journal helps you record your plans and the feedback received from the group so your progress is fully measurable at the end.    Learn more

Take action today! 

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