Changing the World through Business by Changing How Business is Done.

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work. — Oprah Winfrey


The global pandemic has instigated a massive disruption in the entire world, impacting people, businesses and non-profits, as well as societies and countries in an unprecedented way.  We have experienced economic challenges due to shut-downs, supply chain issues, the great resignation as employees opt to leave companies in record numbers, a shift in the workplace from centralized to work-from-home or hybrid models.  As the pandemic nears a hopeful end, rapid inflation is evident.

One of the positives to come from the global pandemic has been a clear shift in how business is done.  There is a greater awareness of the need to do more than just make a profit.  Businesses are experiencing pressure from employees, consumers, and investors to have a clear social and environmental purpose that benefits all stakeholders — not just shareholders.  

The disruption in how business is done is not a trend… it is here to stay.  It is being driven by the values-driven Millennial generation, who now have the greatest purchasing power, and are in the prime of their careers.  Buy Local initiatives, products that reduce the harm on the environment and those that help correct societies greatest problems are becoming top of mind and drivers for decision making.  Failing to integrate social impact into business operations at a core level will see businesses being left behind.

Non-profits have felt the “pinch” as volunteers dried up during shut-downs, donations dropped as lay-offs and business efforts were focused on survival.  On the up-side, the shift to virtual fund-raising events helped reduce costs and boost revenues.  Finding a way to secure steady funding, where non-profits no longer have to boot-strap their operation, and spend time and resources on fundraising instead of delivering the solutions society is needed now more than ever.  Business – non-profit partnerships offer the ideal solution. 

Business and non-profits have gained greater resiliency.  It is prudent, if not imperative that  these strategies be at the heart of their operational strategy and tactics. In fact, serious business and non-profit leaders will prepare contingencies for downturns and set-backs , while simultaneously focusing on organizational growth and mutually beneficial partnerships that drive social impact for both organizations. 

Aligning your organization with your purpose and values, and using business as a force for good, creates a more resilient organization, builds trust and confidence in the brand, attracts great team members, loyal customers and donors and extends the impact outward into the community and environment.

The key to all of this… taking action!   Without action toward the right goals you will remain stuck, frustrated or on the losing end of this change. 

Can we assist you?

Ignite Leadership International works with forward-thinking non-profit and socially-conscious business leaders who are committed to leading a thriving organization, where employees love to work, customers/donors love to support and they create a positive change in the world – at the same time.

If you are interested in co-creating the right social impact for your organization, I invite you to Book a Complimentary Ignition Session.

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