IMPACT Business Blueprint

2.2  Vision & Mission

Creating a strong vision and mission that includes how your organization will create a social or environmental impact is important if you are considering B-Corp certification.   Incorporating impact measures into your vision and mission is a strong way to clearly communicate your dedication to social responsibility.


Vision Statement

When creating a vision statement, you want to ask yourself these questions:

    • What ultimate impact do I want my brand to have on my community/industry/world?
    • In what way will my brand ultimately interact with customers/clients?
    • What will the culture of my business look like, and how will that play out in employees' lives?

Your vision statement is lofty, a Big Hairy Audatious Goal!  It should motivate you, and your stakeholders.


Mission Statement

When creating your mission statement you will want to ask yourself these questions

    • What do we do?
    • Who do we serve?
    • How do we deliver?
    • What impact doe we make?

As an IMPACT Business you want to ensure your mission statement includes a commitment to social or environmental responsibility (in general terms or, if possible, to a specific impact.


Action Item

Use the following to review and finalize your company's vision and mission to incorporate your IMPACT initiatives and purpose.

IBB Wk1 Vision & Mission Statement1906.docx