IMPACT Business Blueprint

2.3 Identifying Your Company Core Values

Core Values

If you identify your organization as an IMPACT business, you probably also self-identify as being a values-driven or purpose-driven entity.

Core values are fundamental in how people within your organization behave, how your business operates, what priorities exist and how decisions are made.  Too often companies identify their core values in isolation and post them in a conspicuous location for all to see, yet they fail to integrate these values into all aspects of the business.

What happens when senior leaders do not embrace these values in a way that demonstrates them to others?  Do your values reflect the vision for your company?



This first exercise will assist you in identifying and/or reviewing your business values to ensure they truly reflect your vision, mission, philosophy and beliefs.  You will also explore how you have integrated these core values into leadership and employee (contractor) behaviour, operational procedures and processes, and outcomes.

  1. Download & complete the following:     Company Core Values.docx
  2. Read the following article by Jim Collins (author of Good to Great)  Aligning Actions with Values
  3. View the following video -- The Cultural Creatives:  A Hope for a New World


Now that you have identified your core values, how will you ensure they are the under-pinning of your entire organization - strategy, operations, culture etc.?