IMPACT Business Blueprint

1.1  Join the Facebook Support Group

Congratulations on taking the first step to igniting your business  and to create positive, measurable changes in the world we live in.  Whether you are wanting to focus on social or environmental impacts, together we will navigate the journey together.


What is the Group?

The IMPACT Business Blueprint Facebook page is a private group for participants (that means you) to connect, build stronger relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders, share insights, ask questions, brainstorm, receive feedback and build community.


Why Should you Engage in the Facebook Group?

The course participants who have been engaged in the online Facebook community on a regular basis have experienced significantly better results than those who did not.  Students have indicated that the Facebook community was instrumental in keeping them on track throughout the program.  They also stated that the relationship they created was a spark for new ideas and ways to collaborate to deliver greater impact.


Access to Catherine

I regularly monitor the Facebook group entries and will respond to questions, add information I think you may be interested in, offer comments and ideas.  Feel free to reach out to me as you navigate through the course material.

I'll see you in Facebook!

PS -- Don't forget to introduce yourself when you connect to the group!

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