Ignite Summer Special

1/2 Day VIP Session for Socially Conscious Business Owners

Who is VIP Program For?

A VIP Day is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who identify with any of these statements:

  • You are spending more time working “IN” your business than ‘ON’ the systems, structures and goals that would break the chains that are holding you back.
  • Important goals aren’t being realized because you’re too busy, overwhelmed or don’t have the right team members.
  • Great opportunities are passing you by because you aren’t responding in a timely manner?
  • You are struggling to balance social responsibility efforts with running a thriving business.
  • You want to add to your team but don’t know where to start.

Do you want to map out the direction you
want for  yourself, your career or business?

Are you ready to address the challenges you are currently facing and identify solutions to get results sooner?

You are not alone!

A VIP Day Intensive is a highly focused session to brainstorm, strategize, plan and implement ideas and systems that will deliver quantum results.

Only 10 spots available. Take advantage of this great offer today!

If you are like me, and most of my clients, you are highly motivated, not content with the status quo and want your business to be an even better success, yet something is getting in your way! Are you spending more time working “IN” your business than ‘ON’ your business? Are goals slipping down the priority ladder because you’re too busy or don’t have the right staff? Are opportunities passing you by because you aren’t responding in a timely manner?  Are processes and systems at capacity or ineffective and solutions are eluding you?  Do you have a product or service that just can’t get past the idea phase due to a lack of time or concentrated effort? Are you ready to up-level?  Is it time to expand your client base, or to strategize and explore new directions?


After 25 years in business, I have probably faced, at one time or another, the same challenges you are.  If I haven’t, my clients have, and my clients have a great track record!  Running a successful and growth-oriented business can be like a roller coaster but the idea can be exhilarating if you are in control and ready to navigate what’s on the horizon.  

Let me help you put the brakes on with what isn’t working, illuminate what is working, and turn ideas and opportunities into your new reality!  We will create a unique plan, systems and processes that will work for you.

What can you expect in a VIP 1/2 Day?

We’ve modelled our VIP 1/2 day Intensive after the huddle concept.  Yes, the same idea used by athletes in team sports like football.  A huddle brings business people together in a short, concise and targeted session that is focused on results. A huddle session must be quickly executed and move you toward short and medium term objectives.  These objectives help you stay focused on the bigger picture.  Our VIP 1/2 Day Intensives are an ideal forum to be a catalyst for creative, innovative, and collaborative breakthroughs – moving you from good to great!

  • Your VIP Day is a private intensive session working directly with Catherine.  The time passes quickly so we want to Outdoor dream officeensure we really delve into your business challenges and opportunities and leverage our time, collective energy, resources and brain-power.  We will dig deep, explore options, and set your course for rapid implementation.  You will walk away from your VIP 1/2 day intensive with a concrete plan designed to move you forward quickly and to achieve the amazing results we co-create together!

Only 10 spots are available. Take advantage of this great offer today!

What’s Included?

  • Copies of shared “e-white boards” and resources created during the intensive.
  • An mp3 recording of your session so you can re-listen to the strategies and tactics we uncover & extract more value after you return to your office. Our approach offers a blueprint for future planning.
  • 30 day post-event email support for quick questions or feedback while you implement your plan.
  • A  signed copy of the best seller “The Winning Way” co-authored by Catherine Rocheleau & Brian Tracy.
  • Access to our unique Habit Builder, powered by Actionable. The Habit Builder provides you with an opportunity to focus on practising a new behaviour or action for 30 days, thereby integrating your intentions into your daily life and business operations.  In fact, commitments that are urgent to business/team needs and that are personally relevant gain traction more readily.  With daily reminders your commitment remains top of mind. A quick check-in allows you to record your thoughts, actions and results on your journey to greater success with measurable results.

You will…

  • Get Clear on what you want to achieve  – move from a vague concept to a real vision or business model.
  • Set Goals to fit your vision.  We’ll create the focus needed to set measurable objectives.
  • Create Action Plans to turn your vision into reality.  These action plans will provide the roadmap you need to get started right away!
  • Identify how to Monitor your progress. What gets measured gets done!  We will identify the metrics to measure, and tools to help.
  • Create accountability to keep yourself on course. Your package includes follow-up with Catherine.  Additional coaching and done-for-you options are available to rapidly break-through.

Only 10 spots available! Take advantage of this great offer today!

The Bottomline…

You Save 30%

This VIP 1/2 Day Intensive is normally $1397.

For our Ignite Summer Special, we are offering sessions with Catherine for only $997 — a 30% saving.

And… 2% Goes to Charity

In addition to gaining great value, you will also be helping others! We will donate $25 to our designated charities as part of our MoreThanGreen TMprogram for each VIP 1/2 Day Intensive we host.

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