Ignite Momentum Group Coaching Program

                   Shifting Actions to Create Long Term Results with Ease. 

Ignite Momentum is a group coaching program for forward-thinking, socially-conscious small business leaders who want a catalyst to elevate their business success and ignite momentum for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Are You Ready to Ignite Momentum?

Does this sound like you?


  •  The status quo has been my compass but NOW I WANT to make great strides forward in my business and as a leader.
  • With a possible recession on the horizon I'm worried and want to be prepared if it happens.
  • I donate time and money to charity but know there's more to be done to really make a positive impact through my business.
  • I really want to help a local charity but I don't know what's involved to really make an impact and ensure its right for my business too.
  • I want to profitably grow my business yet the actions I'm taking aren't giving me the results I want.
  • As a solo-preneur, I value the ideas and insights from other business owners...I'm looking for a forward-thinking group to join.
  • As a leader I'm not sure I'm connecting with my team so they're proud to work here...I want to find ways to inspire them and make it good for business too.

If this is you, Ignite Momentum Can be YOUR difference maker!

There is no classroom equivalent to learning

from those who have done what you want to do.

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Action Leads to Transformation

We want you to achieve your goals!

To be an effective leader of a thriving profitable business doing what you love.

To create positive impact in the world through business!


Ignite Momentum is a unique group coaching program because it includes a combination of 1:1 laser coaching, group coaching, and our Action Labs to increase implementation and learning.  It's the perfect combination for business leaders with approximately 5 +years of experience who want to grow and breakthrough!

This provides you with the best of two worlds — working on your projects/goals at your pace but with the added support and accountability from other participants.

Connect & Learn with Peers

In fact, did you know, people who participate in group coaching programs are more successful than many who receive private coaching?   It sounds counter-intuitive but no one wants to share their goals and action plans with their peers only to report back that they didn’t do the work! This perceived peer pressure is a positive self-motivator!

It's for you if...

Ignite Momentum is a 4-month group coaching program.  It is ideal if you are a purpose-driven, heart-centered professional, executive or business owner who recognizes how coaching can boost your job satisfaction, confidence, leadership skill, communication and performance.  We will explore how to lead transitions, engage employees, grow business, face economic uncertainty, implement and sustain social impact initiatives and make positive changes.  It is also ideal if your organization wants to support the leadership development of key employees and leaders.

The Why...

Not only is mentorship in a group setting an affordable and time effective alternative to private coaching, it offers you access to the ideas, insights and feedback from your peers and your Coach.

In addition to group coaching, our Action Labs are an opportunity to leverage the "brain-power" of the entire group.  During these sessions we'll explore obstacles, business issues and opportunities.  You'll want to join us to experience the magic that is created.

The 1:1 laser coaching offers you the personal touch.  We will zero in on your biggest challenge, idea or opportunity and brainstorm, explore solutions or create an action plan.  These sessions are designed to meet you where you are. You decide how we spend our time together so you reap the greatest benefit.

Ignite Momentum offers a supportive environment that eliminates blindspots so you can continue your journey, have greater successes and be more sustainable over time.  Our I/M Community Group Forum offers support between our calls and an opportunity to share resources along the way.


Don’t be a statistic – less than 6% of entrepreneurs make 6 figure incomes.  Our goal is to help you grow business on purpose to 6 – 7+ figures or be the leader you know you are meant to be!

Each member of the program has unique strengths and backgrounds.   Under the guidance of your Coach, you and your peers stay connected, support and encourage each other and navigate your individual and collective journey together.  You are never in business or leading alone. Together we, as a group, are more than the sum of our individual parts. The Ignite Momentum program is designed to help you build velocity so you can continue the momentum for the long-term in a pro-active and sustainable way.

You begin this program with a roadmap and together we will work your plan to advance you toward your goals.  As you accomplish one goal, we set another so the momentum we gain is sustained and builds.

Like an elite athlete, we are able to draw out and enhance your unique skills and attributes so you “up your game”.  We also identify areas where you can make changes and alter the results in your favour.


If elite athletes benefit from a coach, why shouldn’t a business owner, executive or professional?

What does inaction cost you?

Your Value Bundle!

  • 4 Group Action Lab Sessions

    These 60 minute Lab sessions focus on implementation.  We will explore current business topics, blocks and solutions to guide you to “what’s next”. Lab content is directed as needed by you – the Ignite Momentum community.

  • 4 Group Coaching Sessions

    Every month bring your opportunities, ideas, and challenges or frustrations and receive coaching with Catherine.  Comments, ideas and thoughts shared by your peers help enhance the value you will receive in each session.  Even if you don’t step forward for coaching, you won’t want to miss these sessions.  More often than not, the topics will apply to you and save you the time, effort or frustrations — and can inspire new ideas for your business.   Each Group Coaching session is your opportunity to get the added help you need, and learn from others.

  • 4 x 30-minute Laser Coaching Sessions

    Laser coaching sessions offer the personal touch.  You can focus on what is important to you when you need it most.  Spread your sessions over the full program or bunch them together – whatever works best for you.

    Together we will brainstorm, create, plan troubleshoot or explore opportunities.  No matter what, you will receive the support you need to take action and build the momentum for long-term results.

  • Customized Roadmap

    We will create your customized roadmap during an introductory focus session.  This session is designed to help you set your goals and focus your energies during the program.  Your customized road map will help you pinpoint growth or change opportunities, outcomes you want to make a reality and gain clarity so that you take the right actions to create the results you want.

  • Ignite Momentum Resource Library

    Access to our member area where you will find worksheets and exercises, business tools and other resources to keep you focused and progressing and designed to save you time and money.

  • Recordings of All Sessions

    You will have access to the recordings all our group training and coaching sessions so you can review them to glean additional insights.

  • Impact Measurement Tool

    The Habit Builder is our unique tool that will align actions you take with tangible professional and business development changes and measures the impact that results.

    When you use this unique approach you will be able to create a high degree of clarity on the impact that has taken place at each phase of the program.  As they say “businesses don’t change, people do”.  Let’s measure the impact you achieve through learning and taking action and bridge the knowledge to action gap!

  • Ignite Momentum Community Forum

    Build connections, discuss issues, receive feedback, gain insights and share successes with your fellow I/M Members via our private Ignite Momentum Community Forum.
    Peer mentoring, joint venturing and being active in the community boosts your success 10-fold.

Yes I'm Ready to Get StartedBook a Call, Complete the Application & We'll Chat to Ensure its the Right Program for YOU

Are You Ready to Ignite Momentum?

"Your ability to endure, to continue taking action, step-by-step,

in the direction of your dreams, is what will ultimately assure your success.

If you keep on keeping on, nothing can stop you"   

Brian Tracy

Ignite Momentum will Support YOU to:


  • fulfill your potential,
  • grow business,
  • create greater impact,
  • enhance your performance,
  • navigate your own transformation
  • become a better leader,
  • share your successes with your cohort,
  • ignite momentum by learning and collaborating with others in your group, and
  • realize your goals and business success!

Our Application Process:


  1.  Book an Ignite Momentum Application Review call with Catherine (using the button below)
  2. Complete the Ignite Momentum Application form provided.
  3. During Your Call we will explore your goals and aspirations, and determine if this is the right program for you.
  4. If it is the right program, we will sign you up and get you started!
Yes I'm Ready to Get StartedBook a Call, Complete the Application & We'll Chat to Ensure its the Right Program for YOU

30 Day Participate or Get Your Money Back Guarantee

If after participating fully, you do not agree that the process of coaching is worth every
penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 30 days of your
coaching experience and I will promptly make arrangements to refund your charge card for
the entire amount.

Catherine Rocheleau, Your Lead Coach

Catherine is a 3-time best selling author and Business Impact Strategist who is passionate about creating positive social change through business. Catherine founded Ignite Leadership International® after a successful career in the business, food service and healthcare industries.  She is a certified Executive Business Coach, Organizational Change Professional and Speaker.  Her passion to change how business is done now drives her values-based business and goal to attain B-Corp certification. Her MoreThanGreen™ program includes 2% of top line revenues donated to charity.

Catherine has participated in different mastermind programs for over 20 years and has facilitated many masterminds as well.  Catherine believes mastermind programs have contributed to her long-term business growth and success.  They have also been the impetus of joint venture partnerships and new opportunities.

Catherine has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, non-profit executive, board member, educator and food service and healthcare professional. This diverse background has been instrumental in creating positive organizational change designed to boost profits & business growth while creating stronger teams, better communication and effective leaders. More recently, she created the online program IMPACT Business Blueprint to guide other mission-driven  organizations to adopt a new approach and create positive change. Catherine is on a mission to change the world through business by changing the rules of business.

MoreThanGreen™  (Our Impact)

Our commitment to paying it forward, and making a positive IMPACT on the world around us is driven by our MoreThanGreen™ program.  We donate 2% of all top-line revenues (regardless of source) to our designated charities. This equates to $50 per coaching participant.         Learn more


Yes I'm Ready to Get StartedBook a Call, Complete the Application & We'll Chat to Ensure its the Right Program for YOU

30 Day Participate or Get Your Money Back Guarantee

If after participating fully, you do not agree that the process of coaching is worth every
penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 30 days of your
coaching experience and I will promptly make arrangements to refund your charge card for
the entire amount.