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How to turn the principles of social responsibility into action so you build and engage a great team, attract loyal customers who love to buy from you, lead a profitable business and make a massive impact in the world.

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Sustainability is cited as one of the top business trends for 2020!  Don't get left behind!


Integrating social and environmental impact into the core of your business is an imperative in today's agile world.  Conscious consumers are now selectively choosing to do business with companies who share their values and who are doing more than "just making money".  They want to know the companies they do business with treat their teams well, are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and helping to change the world for good.


The global pandemic has now amplified the demand for social and environmental impact businesses!


  • As a socially-conscious leader, do you want to create change in the world through your company?

  • Are you looking to attract loyal customers ... those who connect with your values and purpose and repeatedly buy from you and recommend you over the competition?

  • Do you want to be the employer of choice for top talent?

  • Do you want join the ranks of  Hootsuite, Danone, Patagonia, Ben and Jerry's, Body Shop, and thousands of other successful small - medium sized businesses worldwide that have elevated their social and environmental impact?

  • Is it time to change the way you lead, do business and pay-it-forward - beyond just philanthropy?

  • You know the time has come and want to take the first steps in solving the world's problems through business.

If you answered YES to these questions, then the IMPACT Business Blueprint course offers you the first steps to leading your business into the new decade!

The IMPACT Business Blueprint Course includes:

  • Instant access to the course material as soon as I register so I can get started right away, today!

  • Access to our unique daily Habit Builder for 6 weeks to keep your IMPACT business goals top of mind. Effective learning happens when ideas change how work is done.

  • 6 X Training Sessions led by course creator, Catherine Rocheleau. Training sessions are recorded so you can review the material as your schedule permits – and review each module as many times as you like.

  • Life-time access to the IMPACT Business Blueprint Forum to ask my questions and get feedback and support on successfully advancing my IMPACT Business initiatives.

  • Step by Step weekly plans to craft an impact business plan, implementation of 5 impact strategies into my core operations, a process to measure efforts, and a template to communicate my impact efforts to key stakeholders.

  • Access to documents, templates, measurement tools and other resources saving time and money from the beginning.

  • Bonus:    A 50-minute 1:1 BreakThrough Coaching Session to create a roadmap for your next steps. (Value:  $497)

This step-by-step program is designed for business leaders looking to integrate social responsibility strategies into their business and core operations and elevate how these efforts create real change and IMPACT.

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Course Outline

Module #1 -- Introduction

You have taken the first step to shifting how you do business!  This course teaches you the step-by-step process you need to know to create a profitable business that gets more clients, more income and makes a positive impact in the world. This course is taught by a passionate, purpose-driven leader and social entrepreneur who has successfully run a social impact business and non-profit organization.  Leading by example there’s no fluff, leaving highly actionable content.

Module #2 -- Creating IMPACT

In this module you will look at where business is today and how you can be the leader in the new business paradigm.  How you operate your business and lead your team is a differentiator - it attracts employees, clients and revenue!

Module #3 -- Your A Team:  Key to Success

In this module, we will explore what actions will help you attract and retain the right team members, reduce turnover and save money!

Module #4 --  Be a Great Corporate Citizen

How can you integrate your IMPACT initiatives into core operations AND benefit the world around you?  In this module we explore how the decisions to volunteer, donate time, expertise or products must be made within a framework that considers all stakeholders, your own business needs, financial and time resources as well as the environmental impact when responding to social impact scenarios.

Module #5 --  Ensuring a Wonderful World for Years to Come

As a business that wants to do good in the world, it is important to know more about where your business supplies come from and the social and environmental impact (positive or negative) they make.  We explore your carbon footprint, how to create a change simply and easily to make a positive change.

Module #6 -- Communicating Your IMPACT

The world's sustainability development goals provide a foundation for every business to align their operations and actions to create more good in the world.  You will create your communications template to deliver your message transparently and with integrity to the world.

Module #7 -- Is B Corp Status Right for You?

Pulling it all together, into our IMPACT business plan is a foundational planning document - one that helps you, as the business owner, gain clarity on your direction, your goals, your resources, your products/services, how you compare to the competition and more!


Through our MoreThanGreen™ sustainability program, a minimum of 2% of all revenue is donated to charity.

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

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What Our Students Have Said...

I completed the IMPACT Business Blueprint program in November 2019 and can definitely recommend it.  Catherine's teaching style is encouraging and the course is easily accessed from around the world.

Taking Catherine’s course is a great way to get you going.  We came away with many ideas each week and a greater understanding of what we can do to have an impact. I came to appreciate how broadly we must think about our impact.

If you want to have a positive IMPACT through the work your business does, the B-Corp approach is what you need to know.

Cam Anderson
Cam Anderson Future Legacies

"I am so very thankful that I signed up and didn't miss a live session of IMPACT Business Blueprint.

Wherever you are in your process, the information to be gleaned is invaluable. I am in the starting position, but will be coming back to this thorough and comprehensive program to managing my 'triple bottom line.

Not only can we do something good for ourselves and good for our business, but effortlessly do something good for others.

Great course. Great message. Great use of my time."

Melinda J. Kelly
Melinda J. Kelly Los Angeles, CA

Your Instructor...

Catherine is a Business Impact Strategist, award winning leader and three-time best selling author who is passionate about working with business leaders to navigate change so they lead with confidence, purpose and resiliency, empower a great team, and nurture a “can-do” attitude that drives results!

Catherine founded Ignite Leadership International® after a successful career in the food service and healthcare industries.  Her passion to change how business is done now drives her values-based business and goal to attain B-Corp certification. Her MoreThanGreen™ sustainability program includes 2% of top line revenues donated to charity.

With extensive experience as an entrepreneur, non-profit executive, board member, educator, food service and healthcare professional, Catherine's diverse background has been instrumental in creating positive organizational change. She has successfully led, and supported clients through, change initiatives designed to boost profits & business growth with social impact while creating stronger teams, better communication and empowering leadership.

Catherine created the online program IMPACT Business Blueprint to guide other mission-driven business leaders in adopting social and environmental impact strategies and create positive change. She is on a mission to change the world through business by changing the rules of business.

People are your greatest resource!  Today's employees decide where they will work based on two key determinants... how you treat your team, and how their work will creates a positive impact

Adopting strong social and environmental impact initiatives will attract and engage mission-aligned talent.  This is reflected in lower turnover, better customer service, more productivity, innovation and greater business resiliency.

"By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment."

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Whether you are just starting to explore how to make a positive impact through your business or you have already committed to leading and delivering positive change through your organization, the IMPACT Business Blueprint course offers next steps right for you!


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