Gold Spark Mastermind


  • Are you ready to realize your goals?

  • Is it time to build a support network of advisors to keep “your feet to the fire”?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you are working alone?

  • Are you open to new perspectives, new learning and sharing ideas?

Frequently Asked Questions About
Gold Spark Mastermind 2018


1. What is a Mastermind?  Why should I participate?

A mastermind is a group of people who come together on a regular basis with a common purpose — to learn, grow and succeed.  Each participant has goals they wish to achieve and are interested in recognize that when they ask for support, encouragement, feedback, perspectives and more from others, they can exceed expectations.If we look at the most successful business leaders (entrepreneurs and employed), they all have a support network they reach out to.  This network may be mentors, trusted advisors, colleagues, etc.A mastermind offers you a supportive, confidential and safe environment to share, receive feedback and perspectives, be challenged and encouraged,  and held accountable to your goals.   All for one purpose — your success!

So if the most successful business people have a mastermind group, why shouldn’t you?


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2. Who would be in my Mastermind Group?

Our application process is designed to help us bring together high quality team members who are motivated to participate fully in the program.  Our application form, and the Ignite exploration call will allow you, as the applicant, and Ignite Leadership to determine if you are a good fit.

A mastermind group is only successful when participants are committed to attending and participating fully, adhere to confidentiality, possess a willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

All participants will have at least 5 years of career experience in this group either as an entrepreneur, executive, as a manager or seasoned employee in an organization.  This ensures each person has a minimum level of skill and knowledge.

Participants may be entrepreneurs, managers,  or professionals. They may work in public or private  or non-profit sectors and will most likely come from a variety of industries.

Rarely does one group include more than one person from a single industry unless they are geographically diverse and not in direct competition.   This helps reduce confidentiality or competition-related issues.

We also try to ensure that each participant accepted into the Mastermind is willing to be a regular and active participant to ensure all members of the mastermind receive maximum benefit.

Beyond that, the make up of the group is dependant on who applies.

If you have concerns, please let us know and we’ll address your quesstions.


3. Why is the Gold Spark Mastermind only offered as a Virtual Program?

Global Virtual Mastermind and Mentoring
1.  The clients we work with are located around the globe.  We want to offer this program to current or potential clients who want to participate.

2.  We want to encourage laptop entrepreneurs and travelling business personnel the opportunity to realize their goals without travel requirements impeding their participation.  When you can connect from home, your office, a hotel room or another private site of your choosing, regular attendance is easier to achieve.

3.  Technology allows us the ability to bring all team members together via video-conference.   A video-meeting is the next best thing to an in-person meeting.  Having said that,  connecting virtually saves time, money and is more environmentally friendly!  Thats good for everyone.

4.  When you do not have to travel to a meeting location, you can be more productive!  That means more time and energy to spend on your business or in your career.

4. Can my friend or colleague participate with me?

Yes they can if they apply and are accepted into the program.

It is important to remember that one of the key benefits of a mastermind is the ability to share, receive feedback, insights, ideas etc. that are focused on your goals and your success.

Families and friends can buffer their comments because they are afraid for you or don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm.  They may also share insights which can hold you back.

Can you and your friend meet this threshold without jeopardizing your friendship or working relationship?

Each applicant, and any relationship to other applicants, can be addressed during your Ignite Session.


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5.  Can you outline what’s included in the Gold Spark Mastermind?

1.  Mastermind sessions will be held on a video-conference line, accessible via the internet.  Phone access is also possible if that option is required.
a)  Sessions are facilitated by an Executive Coach to keep the group on track, focused and on time.
b)  Sessions will be recorded so you can access the valuable insights shared without having to take notes or so you can listen to the meeting if you are unable to attend.
c)  Participants are encouraged to have a headset with audio and voice capabilities to minimize background noise or sound feedback common when speakers are used.

2.  Mastermind sessions will be held two times each month.  We will only have one session in December.  (Exact “You CAN NOT achieve your major definiteschedule to be released in September ).

3.  Each mastermind session will be approximately 75 minutes in duration.


4.  The mastermind program will run for 6 months, starting in late September 2016 and running until the end of March 2017.

      a)  A Getting Started Coaching Call (45-minute) will be held prior to the first mastermind session to clarify your goals for the program.

      b)  A Next Steps Coaching Call (45 mintues) will be held in month 6 to help you determine your action plan after the mastermind program ends.


5.  Each session will include:
      a)  An education session or a timely topic for discussion.  Topics will be selected to reflect challenges, opportunities or areas of interest of the group.  Suggestions are accepted.
      b)  “Ignition Seat” sessions.   Each participant will have the opportunity to work on a topic or issue of their choosing at least once per month.  Come prepared with the issue/topic and what you want masterminded.  Do you want feedback, help with brainstorming, do you want to identify resources or do you want to share a success?   Each Ignition Seat session will be approximately 15 minutes in duration.


6.  Each participant will have a Mastermind Journal to record their insights, action plans, results, resources needed etc.
      a)  Participants not on the Ignition Seat will be asked to share wins and share their action plan for the up-coming 2 weeks.  Any support needed from the group can also be requested.


7.  Each participant will receive their choice of either:
       a)  one 45-minute 1:1 coaching session on a topic of your choosing  OR
       b)  a comprehensive DISC + motivators behaviour assessment report & debrief session.  The assessment will give you fabulous insights into your behaviour style and why you act in that fashion.  You will walk away with actions that can lead to long term success.


6. Can you tell me more about the participation options available?

This virtual mastermind program is ideal if you travel, find it hard to get away from the workplace as planned, or are outside of Vancouver BC.  Yes, we have global participants which adds an amazing richness to the content and ideas.

This mastermind includes an intensive 1 day retreat with a combination of learning, work and fun!

This option offers participants

  • a  12-month program with 1 session per month
    • in-depth discussions on current business topics
    • Individual spotlight sessions to share your progress, goals, and “your ask”
  • Ignition Seat sessions in every meeting so we dig deeper to help you make a huge shift
  • Getting Started Ignite Call with an Executive Coach;
  • a Mastermind Journal and
  • 1-day Business Retreat
  •         Access to our Habit Builder
  •         Access to a private discussion group to keep in touch with the group between meetings
  •         Other Resources
  • Most importantly you gain the insights, feedback and and on-going support from your fellow mastermind team members.

The mastermind group is limited to a maximum of 10 – 12 participants.

Your retreat will be held in a special location so we can focus on building stronger relationships, learning, masterminding, being innovative, igniting actions, celebrating results and most of all, we’ll have some fun too!

Come prepared to work and participate!   We will include a special activity, lunch, refreshments, and supplies for the retreat.

We are still working on the details but we are confident it will be the highlight of your Gold Spark Mastermind experience!

You will be responsible for travel and accommodation and additional meal expenses associated with attending the retreat.

Results Booster

If you want to boost your results, consider our Results Booster as an add-on to your mastermind.  The Results booster includes 3 additional 1:1 coaching sessions.   You can choose when to schedule these sessions and the topics we will discuss.

Coaching plus mastermind = accelerated results!


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7. What results can I expect?

This depends on you!

Coaching and masterminding are proven tools to assist individuals to achieve their goals, overcome set-backs and capitalize on opportunities more successfully,   But in order for this to happen you must:

a)  be open to the information you receive,
b)  take action on the items you believe will help you achieve your goals.
c)  participate fully in the mastermind and coaching sessions and share with others as you want them to share with you.

8. What are the Fast Action Bonuses?

If you apply before midnight Pacific Time on August 5, 2016  and commit to participate in the program, you will receive

  • One 45-minute coaching session with Catherine Rocheleau!  You can use this before or during the program!   (Value $400)
  • A DISC Behaviour Assessment & Debrief Session — Your report will teach you specific skills to improve your own interpersonal interactions, empower you with recommendations for action so you achieve measurable returns on your change efforts.   (Value $250)
  • A copy of the best seller, “The Winning Way” co-authored by Catherine Rocheleau & Brian Tracy  and other leaders around the globe. (Value $25)
  • A copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by the father of the mastermind – Napoleon Hill  (Value $25)


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9. What is the investment?  Do you have a Cash Flow option?

We have worked very hard to make the Gold Spark Mastermind affordable to our clients and potential clients.   You are looking at an investment in the $2000 – $3000 range, depending on the option you choose.    This works out to less than a cup of coffee or tea per day!

Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

We will review all investment and participation options during your application process so you can make an informed decision.

We recognize that a cash flow option is necessary for some of you.  Ask us for details.

What we know is you will gain significant value from all options we have to offer.  Regardless of the option you choose, you will also be treated the same!  No one will know which option you choose, unless you tell them!

10.  What if I decide this is not right for me?

We want you to be happy with your decision to participate in the Gold Spark Mastermind.  Your satisfaction and active participation are important to your success and the success of the mastermind group!

  • If you withdraw before the first session, you will receive your money-back less a $300 administration fee.
  • You can cancel your participation within the first 30 days and you will receive your money back less a $300 administration fee.

We cannot guarantee results as the results you receive depend on the actions you take and economic or business factors out of our control.

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