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With the holiday season starting, I decided to look back in my archives and share an older article with you.  In this article, I commented on an article featured in the November 1st, 2009 issue of Inc Magazine .  This article discussed the benefits of pro bono work for businesses and how this form of volunteering has the ability to motivate employees.

“Socially responsible actions like those described by Door Number 3 (an Austin TX based company) demonstrates the value achieved by both the giver and the recipient.   Employees like to be able to “give back” to their community in a variety of ways and such actions do generate a positive environment. Employers can contribute to their community in many ways.  They can support employee volunteer efforts, match charitable donations, and incorporating pro bono work into operations.  Both the business and individual employees gain when social responsibility is incorporated into the corporate fabric.  When employees volunteer, they gain additional skills and take pride in “helping” others, new relationships are forged, and businesses gain recognition, while the non-profits they assist are able to achieve more with existing resources.

Door Number 3 is using the slow-down in business to add value to others.  The challenge will be to continue these efforts when business (and the economy) pick up again. ”

I have created my own “More Than Green” approach to keep me focused on all aspects of social responsibility.  I always try to exceed my goals each year… and so far I am on the right track to do just that!  You don’t have to  be a large corporation to make a difference!  No matter what I do, I always seem to get back more than I gave – it’s such a special opportunity for each and everyone of us!  Try it today!

What are you doing to volunteer or “give back”? 

Does your company support volunteer efforts

or match charitable donations?

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