Girls to School Project – An Update

If you follow my blogs on a frequent basis, you probably know that I have a strong desire to include a ‘give-back’ program in my business.  Giving back is, in my opinion, an important component of any business and their corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Corporate social responsibility offers a business a wonderful opportunity to connect with their community.  Employees and customers are becoming very discerning about which companies they align with.  CSR is one area that I believe should be included in every business, no matter how big or small.

I have called my CSR program “More Than Green (TM) because corporate social responsibility includes green initiatives, people-based initiatives (with employees, clients, suppliers, our community) and sound business practices which enable my business to thrive.  When my business thrives I am better able to fulfil the other two components of this triple bottom line.

Here is my MTG pledge…

Ignite Leadership International embraces a More Than Green™ approach in our business activities. 

  •  We recognize the value of people, planet & profit as equally valuable facets to business.
  •  We recognize this effort is a work in progress and will conduct semi-annual reviews and report the steps we are taking.
  • We will also communicate on our successes as well as our challenges.

Every year I have regularly donated time, expertise or money to different initiatives around the metro Vancouver area.  I continue to donate time, financial support and other resources to different organizations.  I also mentor students and young business owners.

I share this, not because I want to brag about my actions.  Instead, I want to share with you about my current major fundraising effort.

In March 2012, I partnered with the Create Change Foundation to establish a fund-raising program.  I was so excited in February 2012 when the details were finalized to make this goal become a reality.

This project will send 6 young women to university so they become the new leaders in their communities in Northern Ghana.  As leaders they will help exact change.

I chose this project for two reasons.

1.  I was able to make my fund-raising very transparent and link it to the success of my business efforts.  5% of all revenues are donated to this project.

2.  The project supports my key values and beliefs — education, leadership, integrity, change, opportunities and more!


Help me Create Change and Exceed my Goal:

I have now donated over 60% of my goal amount for this fiscal year!!  I am well on my way to exceed this goal.

How you can help…  

1.  Obviously, if you purchase a product or service from Ignite Leadership International, you know that I am transferring the funds on your behalf.

2.  You can donate directly.  Any donation of $10 or more will receive a tax deductible receipt directly from the Create Change Foundation.



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