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Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.  
Steve Jobs

Creating impact to advance your business

In every business there are opportunities for growth and to create a greater impact.  Frequently, as a business leader you require support or dedicated time from an expert to guide you from concept, implementation through to success. At Ignite Leadership International®, we meet you where you are at this point in time and together we co-create the solutions so that you create the impact you want.  Whether that is integrating training into operations, developing employees to attract and keep top talent, becoming a more impactful leader, or creating effective systems,  we draw upon our decades of experience and wealth of knowledge on a range of simple and complex people and business strategies to specifically meet your business or organization and deliver impact.

Engaging for success

Every member of your organization plays an important role in the your overall success. We help you tap into your team’s passion, insights, skills and dedication. We welcome the opportunity to work with any, and all, members of your team—from the board, CEO or executive director, executives, managers, to front-line team members and supporters. Together we form a strong team focused on leveraging your current resources and planning for success.

Together We Co-Create A Solution

Through conversation and exploration, we will identify your key challenge/problem, determine the outcome you wish to achieve, and co-create the approach with you so that we optimize our work together to unleash human potential, deliver value and ignite results!

Engage, Lead Change and Amplify Learning


You want to engage your team, get them working together better, offer training at an affordable price that is directly related to your business and areas you want to develop, you want to integrate training immediately into your operations while you measure results along the way!

Our customizable approach integrates with your existing training programs, or training we deliver. Our system is unique and flexible, sustains learning well beyond a training event, works for organizations of all sizes and drives real change on an individual, team and organizational level, with measurable behavior change and leader impact.

To learn more on how you can build better workplace relationships, shift behaviour in real time, integrate change and empower employee engagement with real-time conversations, please contact us.

More  About  Our Trainingslider-training

Employees want more personal development opportunities.  Employers also want more ROI from training initiatives.

Did you know, businesses who invest in their employees create a learning culture that leads to a more engaged, happier and productive organization?

Ignite Leadership offers training programs that are customized to fit your needs, or you can choose from our range of programs.  Some of our popular topics include leadership, communication, conflict resolution, respectful conduct, team dynamics, time management, and more!

We offer training packages that extend training beyond a single event to further add real value, help engage and activate employees to integrate key learnings into their daily lives.


Consulting:  Extending your team to make you more successful

Meeting TeamOur goal is to integrate with ease and to become a trusted member of your team for as long as you need our support. Whatever your challenge, together we collaborate on the solution and the desired outcome.

Ignite Leadership’s results-focused, action-oriented consulting services ensure your success. Whether its done-for-you or done-with-you, we work seamlessly and in tandem with all stakeholders. Technology allows us to work alongside you virtually, no matter where you are located. And we are also happy to work on-site as needed.

Contact us to explore how our approaches can drive employee engagement, unleash human potential and create a solution that is right for you, your team and your organization.

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